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Sep 8 Pokemon Go update fixes battle party recommendations and more: Patch notes

Published: 8/Sep/2021 23:24

by Connor Knudsen


Pokemon Go has just released its latest patch notes, providing improvements to battle party suggestions along with some quality-of-life updates and bug fixes.

Pokemon Go‘s newest seasonal event is now underway, with some even spookier things on the horizon for the app in the Season of Mischief.

These latest patch notes should help trainers have things running as smooth as possible, whether it be a new raid or battling against Team Rocket grunts.

While the patch notes are filled with the normal litany of bug fixes and general updates, there are some nuggets in these that are sure to help players figure out exactly who they should be going with for those tight battles.


pokemon go background
Pokemon Go has been making a lot of changes lately, giving players more and more reasons to get into the game.

Battle party recommendation update

Amidst the 0.219 release notes is a gem regarding battle party recommendations made by the game. For those unaware, this is what generates your suggested three or six pokemon for most encounters in the game. According to the update, “battle party recommendations will now weigh a Pokémon’s damage per second more heavily.”

This should mean less odd or strictly type-advantage suggestions and should work wonders to help players in advancing through those difficult encounters in-game.

In addition to this, there are plenty of other great updates to quality of life and features in the game. Expect updates to the raid reward screen and several notification screens.


The patch notes, in full, can be seen below. As a note, for Apple users, these will show up as version 1.185 in the App Store.

Full patch notes: 


  • Moved the Mysterious Component collection notification to be a part of the battle rewards
  • Visual update to the Raid reward screen

Quality of Life

  • Battle party recommendations will now weigh a Pokémon’s damage per second more heavily
  • The time for XP notifications to display has been reduced
  • Improvements to German language text display
  • Trainers can save their Trainer Achievements card to their device multiple times


  • Battles
    • Fixed an issue causing Remote Raid invitations to persist after expiring
    • Fixed an issue where Trainers were not offered a rematch after losing a Team GO Rocket battle
    • Fixed an issue where the shading of sunglasses did not display properly in GO Battle League matches
  • Pokédex
    • Fixed an issue where Event Galarian Pokémon did not register in the Event Pokédex
  • General
    • Fixed an issue displaying the incorrect evolution for Umbreon and Espeon
    • Fixed an issue where Trainers’ Daily PokéStop Spin streaks will count if they attempt to spin a PokéStop even if their Item Bag is full.
    • Fixed an issue where the “New Attack” button appeared tappable when a Trainer did not have enough Stardust
    • Fixed an issue where the map view would appear for one frame during an egg hatching animation