Salamence takes over Pokemon Go Gym in terrifying eye glitch

Pokemon GO Salamence takes over gym glitchNiantic

Pokemon Go players are used to odd glitches in the mobile app, but a fan’s recent discovery while battling a Gym is more than terrifying.

Pokemon Go fans regularly encounter glitches when playing the mobile app. From the wrong textures showing up on wild encounters to bizarre character model distortions after major updates, there is no shortage of strange bugs popping up.

While many of these glitches can be humorous, and some have even inspired Pokemon Go players to suggest the glitches become canon species, there are a select few that are more terrifying than funny. This has included encounters that lack eyeballs, spawns that splice several species together, and Raid battles against Legendaries with broken models.

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In a recent encounter, a Pokemon Go player bumps into a particularly nightmarish Gym battle, where the walls of the arena become sentient with a horde of free-floating eyeballs.

Pokemon Go player enters a horror film Gym battle

In a post by Pate29 on the Pokemon Go subreddit, the player shares an image of a Gym Battle they have entered with their Salamence. The post reads: “Saw an interesting glitch today”.

“Interesting” seems to be an understatement, however, as viewers can see the walls of the Pokemon Go Gym stadium are alive with dozens of eyeballs. It isn’t clear which texture the eyes have come from, but the glitch is definitely not one many would want to encounter when trying to take over a Gym.

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Pokemon Go fans in the comments are unsettled by the bug, with one stating, “”Interesting” oh you mean nightmarish.” and another adding, “This is cursed”.

Thankfully, these types of glitches usually reset after the battle concludes, or by restarting the mobile app. While the bug is temporary, any who may encounter it will likely be just as unsettled by the blinking stadium walls, making it a truly uncomfortable battle experience.