Rural Pokemon Go player stunned by “how active” the game could be

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One rural Pokemon Go player was left stunned at how active the mobile game could be after visiting Las Vegas during a Community Day event.

While it’s only been a little over a month since the change went into effect, there have been some early signs that Niantic’s Remote Raid Pass nerf has affected Pokemon Go in some big ways.

One of the earliest effects of the nerfs was on disabled and rural players, who now had much more limited options when it came to engaging with the mobile game.

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Now, one rural Pokemon Go player took to social media to express their disbelief at how active the game could be in more populated areas after only experiencing it outside metropolitan cities.

Rural Pokemon Go player left stunned after Las Vegas trip

The post came from the Pokemon Go subreddit, where one player posted two screenshots of the game from different areas of the world with the title, “Rural Pokemon Go is just depressing.”

The two screenshots they shared showed one area that had Raids, Gyms, and PokeStops littering the map completely. On the other hand, the second screenshot was completely bare aside from one wild Pancham spawn.

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The OP explained that they, “happened to be in Vegas during the Community Day this past weekend and couldn’t believe how active the game was,” with the first screenshot representing that Las Vegas trip.

They continued, “Now I’m back home and it’s just depressing knowing what the game is supposed to be like and what I’m stuck with.” The second screenshot clearly indicates a rural stretch of land, with only one main road represented on the map.

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Other rural Pokemon Go fans took to the comments to share their own experiences of traveling to more populated areas and the shock that came with it. “I was not only in Tokyo Japan during Slowpoke CD back in March, I was at the actual Tokyo Pokemon Center. I literally could not even see the map on my screen… But since getting back home in April? Dead.”

Other fans suggested that rural players could submit their own PokeStop for approval at level 37. However, rural fans shot back by saying that it’s not only difficult to level up in a rural setting, but the few PokeStop nominations they can submit are usually rejected.

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As Pokemon Go’s director recently revealed Niantic has no plans to adjust the Remote Raid Pass changes, rural fans may be in for a tough time ahead.

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