Racy Pokemon Go gym activities leave players feeling uncomfortable

Ursaluna from Pokemon Go

A seemingly suggestive scene between Rhyperior and Ursaluna caught at a gym in Pokemon Go has fans losing their minds.

There are few games out there that unite the gaming community quite like Pokemon Go does. It has successfully reignited love for the series in old Pokemon fans while also bringing in hordes of new players previously unfamiliar with the franchise.

The game also saw players becoming more physically active as they explored the outdoors to catch and find new Pokemon. When it comes to a game with such an expansive fanbase, there are bound to be some amusing gameplay takes shared online.

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One especially funny moment was caught by a player at the opening of a gym, as it featured two Pokemon, both of which were found in unfortunate positions. The fan shared a photo of it on social media, quickly garnering laughter from other players.

Players react to seemingly raunchy Pokemon Go gym prompt

A Pokemon Go player took to Reddit to share a perfectly timed screenshot featuring two different Pokemon, Rhyperion and Ursaluna. Due to the way the Pokemon are positioned, those viewing the image may interpret it… well, as racy or suggestive.

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Fans quickly responded to the humorous find, with one player commenting that Ursaluna’s design is the funniest and “most exploitable asset in the game” due to how it can be positioned. They said that their friend had previously asked them, “Why’s that bear look like it’s taking it from the back?”

Others played upon Pokemon lines to add to the uncomfortable amusement of the situation. One fan wrote “Rhyperior uses Harden, Rhyperior uses Bone Rush, Ryhperior uses Gunk Shot, Rhyperior uses Encore, Ursaluna uses Helping Hand.” A Redditor replied saying that the comment is “cursed.”

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The snapshot’s featured line, “Walk closer to interact with this Gym,” had players in stitches. A fan responded to it, telling the original poster, “Definitely don’t walk closer and interact.” Another replied to the prompt by simply saying, “Nah, I’m good.”

Many of the best moments seen in Pokemon Go involve shinies or other rare captures. Regardless, these one-off funny scenes that can be taken the wrong way are just as popular amongst the community, and it isn’t hard to tell why.

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