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How to get Pumpkaboo and evolve into Gourgeist in Pokemon Go

Published: 22/Oct/2021 11:05

by Daniel Megarry


Pumpkaboo and its evolution Gourgeist are making their Pokemon Go debut during the Ghoulish Pals event. Here’s how to get them both and fill out your Pokedex.

Niantic is celebrating spooky season in the best way, by adding new Raid Bosses, event-exclusive research, and a new size mechanic to Pokemon Go. There are also some exciting Pokemon being added to the collection!

First up is Pumpkaboo, a Ghost/Grass-type Pokemon from the Kalos region which evolves into Gourgeist. These two Pokemon can be found in four different sizes: Small Size, Average Size, Large Size, and Super Size.

As soon as the Ghoulish Pals event kicks off on October 22, 2021, Trainers will be able to find Pumpkaboo and evolve it into Gourgeist. Below, we’re going to tell you exactly how to do that.



How to get Pumpkaboo in Pokemon Go

Pumpkaboo in Pokemon Go

There are a couple of ways Trainers can catch Pumpkaboo in Pokemon Go right now:

  • Finding it in the wild.
  • Defeating it in a 1-star Raid Battles.

Pumpkaboo will likely have a low spawn rate in the wild and will be quite difficult to catch, as many new Pokemon are when they first debut. Taking part in Raid Battles might be your best chance at getting one.

With the new size mechanic in Pokemon Go, you’ll be able to find Small Size, Average Size, Large Size, and Super Size variations of both Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist. The bigger the size, the harder they are to get!

How to evolve Pumpkaboo into Gourgeist

Gourgeist in Pokemon Go

In order to evolve Pumkpaboo into Gourgeist, players will need to trade it with a friend or earn 200 Candy for this particular species. That’s a pretty high cost, so you’ll need to catch plenty of Pumpkaboo.


Just like in the mainline games, Trainers can trade Pumpkaboo to evolve it into Gourgeist, although you’ll need to be in close physical proximity to the Friend you want to trade with. You can’t trade remotely.

Trading costs a variable amount of Stardust for both players, depending on the rarity of the Pokemon you’re trading, although this amount can be reduced by increasing your Friendship Level.

It’s also important to point out that Pokemon can only be traded once, and can’t be sent back. This means you’ll need a Friend who’s willing to send you a Pumpkaboo so you can get a Gourgeist through trading.


Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge in Pokemon Go explained

The Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge in Pokemon Go

During the Ghoulish Pals event, which runs from Friday, 22nd October to Sunday, 31st October, Trainers will be able to complete the Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge, which can be found in the Today View.

In order to complete this, Trainers need to find four Pumpkaboo in the following sizes:

  • Pumpkaboo Small Size – A common encounter in the wild.
  • Pumpkaboo Average Size – One-star Raids and a common encounter in the wild.
  • Pumpkaboo Large Size – A rare encounter in the wild.
  • Pumpkaboo Super Size – A rare encounter in the wild.

You can tell which size a Pumpkaboo is because it will actually look different on the catch screen. Then, as you catch each size, it will be ticked off on the Collection Challenge screen in the Today View section.

Complete this task before October 31 at 8pm local time, and you’ll earn 5 Rare Candy. The Collection Challenge will also be added to your Elite Collector medal.