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Pokemon Unite update made Venusaur viable with new OP tanky build

Published: 26/Sep/2021 1:46

by Alan Bernal


A Pokemon Unite patch update made Venusaur really strong using a tank-focused build that also deals a ton of damage – and the Grass-type ‘mon is forcing itself into the meta.

When Unite first launched, Venusaur landed in a strange part of the meta. The pick wasn’t exactly a tank, and its damage output was certainly lackluster compared to other Ranged Attackers available.

But the Pokemon Unite 1.2 patch update changed Venusaur’s pole position for many players who are finding an alternative build that unlocks its full potential.

With changes to its Giga Drain and Petal Dance, Unite players are finally able to capitalize on alternate Venusaur builds outside of relying on the long-distance damage of Solar Beam.


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“Venusaur just got buffed, and now the build that we’ve always wanted to run is finally viable,” TikTok user ‘kingvves’ explained. Even more players were hyped about the recent changes that gives Venusaur all the tools it needs to get in the middle of the fight to do more damage.

“Giga Draining multiple enemies and reducing the cooldown with each tick of petal dance is pretty much the meta one right now,” Reddit user ‘0kills’ said. “Best time to fight is when there are bees around. You giga drain all of them and you restore like 40% of your health back.”


To get the most out of the tanky Venusaur build, make sure you equip Focus Band, Buddy Barrier, and Muscle Band as your Held Items.

Balanced from PokemonUnite

Clips have been popping up showing how much health the build can give Venusaur while taking a fair bit of damage – giving it plenty of time to mop up opponents.

The latest balance changes can make Venusaur a great pick if your team needs sustained damage. Though you’re sacrificing range for close-quarter combat, Pokemon Unite players are finding a lot of success with the new build.