Pokemon Unite update patch notes: Zoroark, Mew nerf, Eldegross buff & more

Pokemon unite patch notesThe Pokemon Company

The new Pokemon Unite update targets balancing the present meta, while providing essential nerfs to overbearing picks that have been dominating the game. Here is everything to know for Pokemon Unite update

Each update in Pokemon Unite attempts to improve the game, be it through balance, new playable Pokemon or even new cosmetics. They also keep the game feeling fresh, allowing the preexisting player base to further enjoy their gameplay.

Understanding the Pokemon Unite patch notes helps players increase their win rates – which then allows them to climb the ranked ladder. Here are all the changes implemented in the October 27 update.

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Pokemon Unite Zoroark releases in

The most recent update debuted Zororark, the new attacker in Pokemon Unite. It plays as a melee damage carry, with a rather similar play style to that of Zeraora. But unlike Zeraora, Zoroark has a previous evolution form in Pokemon Unite.

In other words, it starts off weaker, then gets stronger after evolving.

What’s changing in Pokemon Unite update

The biggest changes are targeted towards picks that have been overbearing in the meta, while giving weaker picks a fighting chance.

Mew and Aegislash nerfed

The nerfs in this patch are rather substantial, helping mitigate some of the more broken picks in the game. In essence, Mew’s domination should be coming to an end after these nerfs. The Aegislash nerfs also decrease the the sword Pokemon’s overbearing damage.

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mewTiMi Studios
Mew was arguably overpowered prior to the nerfs

Venusaur and Eldegoss buffed

These two Pokemon have definitely fallen out of prevalence in the past couple of months. Venusaur couldn’t deal enough damage and survive long enough to pull of its signature combos, and Eldegoss was displaced by the newer support Pokemon.

These buffs should help them keep up with their contemporaries.

Pokemon Unite patch notes update

Mr. Mime


  • damage decreased 2850 → 1544


  • damage decreased 3370 → 617 per hit 3085 total


Sp Attack

  • 699 → 0660

Shadow Ball

  • Range decreased

Dream Eater

  • Range decreased


  • Range decreased


Trop Kick

  • Effect weakened



  • Stat decreased 620 → 610

Sucker Punch

  • Area of effect decreased


Shadow Sneak

  • Cooldown increased 5 seconds → 6 seconds
  • Damage decreased 1009 two hits 2018 total → 761 tweo hits 1522 total

Iron Defense

  • Cooldown increased 6 seconds → 7 seconds

Sacred Sword

  • Effect weakened


Solar Beam

  • Damage decreased 1022 per hit 3066 total → 924 per hit 2772 total
  • Effect weakened


  • Damage decreased 2451 → 2249


  • Effect weakened

Mystical Mirage

  • Damage decreased 2806 → 2392


Wood Hammer

  • Effect Strengthened
  • Cooldown reduced 7 → 6 seconds


Base stats

  • HP 6321 → 6500
  • Defense 174 → 225
  • Sp. Defense 137 → 170

Sludge Bomb

  • Effects strengthened

Petal Dance

  • Damage increased
  • Cooldown decreased 9 seconds → 8 seconds

Verdant Anger

  • Charge rate increased


Hyperspace hole

  • Effect weakened
  • Cooldown reduced 12 seconds → 10 seconds


  • Cooldown reduced 9 seconds → 7.5 seconds
  • Effect strengthened


Drill Peck

  • Cooldown decreased 7.5 seconds → 6 seconds

Jump Kick

  • Cooldown decreased 8 seconds → 7.5 seconds

Tri Attack

  • Effect weakened – heal amount reduced


Basic attack

  • Increased movement speed effect on opposing Pokemon

Pollen Puff

  • Cooldown decreased 6 seconds → 5 seconds
  • HP Restoration increased

Cotton Guard

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  • Increased shield effect

Cotton Cloud Crash

  • Charge rate increased


Stealth Rock

  • Cooldown decreased 6 seconds → 5 seconds

Rock Tomb

  • Effect strengthened

Rubble Rouser

  • Charge rate increased



  • Stat increased 496 → 516\

Dragon Claw

  • Damage increased 1581 → 800 first hit 958 second hit 1758 total


Draining Kiss

  • Cooldown decreased 7 seconds → 5 seconds

Follow Me

  • Cooldown decreased 10 seconds → 7.5 seconds
  • Effect strengthened – shield boosted


Water Shuriken

  • Damage increased 863 per hit 4315 total → 943 per hit 4715 total

Double Team

  • Damage from doubles increased


Seismic slam

  • Bug fix



  • Bug fix