All Pokemon Unite skins: 26 costumes leaked in beta test, from Pikachu to Charizard

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Pokemon Unite’s release is just around the corner, but that hasn’t stopped a number of leaked skins from popping up online. 

Just like every MOBA, Pokemon Unite will have its own skins that trainers will be able to unlock for their favorite pocket monsters. From pineapple Snorlax to pirate Cinderace, it looks the team-based game will have plenty of wacky cosmetics.  While we don’t know how much these dashing costumes will cost, we do know that the cosmetics differ between each Pokemon evolution. 

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Not only do these in-game outfits look hilarious, but they also give you a unique look that will help you distinguish yourself from the competitive crowd. Whether you’re looking to jump into the Pokemon Unite beta early or just wish to know all the cosmetics that are available, then be sure to check out the 26 costumes below. 

All Pokemon Unite skins


Venusaur Pokemon Unite

Venusaur has always loved basking under the sun, so it makes sense that the Gen 1 Pokemon would be sporting a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of goggles. 

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Charizard Pokemon Unite

Charizard certainly brings the heat to any battle, but it looks like the iconic Fire-type is feeling a little chilly. Fortunately, he’s wrapped himself up in a scarf and cozy winter hat. 


Blastoise Pokemon Unite

Blastoise is arguably the most dashing ‘mon in Unite. Kitted out with a dark green waistcoat and classic gangster-themed hat. This is one Pokemon you’d don’t want to be caught messing with. 


Pikachu Pokemon Unite

The electric mouse has gone for the popular hoodie/snapback combo. The hat has one lightning bolt emblazoned upon it and even features two nifty holes for Pikachu’s ears. 

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If you didn’t like the hoodie/snapback outfit, then this summery skin might be more your thing. Featuring a summer hat and green suit jacket, Pikachu is ready to bring some electrifying moves to the battle. 

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales Pokemon Unite

This ice-loving fox can be seen wearing a pink jumpsuit, which features numerous snowflake patterns. The look is finished off with an icicle necklace and blue tassels, which flow elegantly across Alolan Ninetales. 


Machamp Pokemon Unite

Machamp is also feeling the summer heat and the Fighting-type Pokemon is ready to show off their perfect beach body. Featuring a floral necklace and matching shorts, Machamp is ready to unleash some devastating KOs. 

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Slowbro Pokemon Unite

Slowbro loves the laidback life. In fact, this Water/Psychic-type can usually be found lazing around near seashores. Because of this, the developers have kitted Slowbro out with his own shades and waterproof top. It’s a simple design that fits well with Slowbro’s relaxed nature. 

Mr. Mime

Mr Mime Pokemon Unite

Mr. Mime’s first skin sees the Psychic/Fairy-type wearing a golden suit jacket, shorts, top hat, and a pink bow tie. Meanwhile, his second outfit is a lot more simplistic in its design. The mischievous Pokemon has ditched the suit and donned what appears to be an apron and blue neckerchief.

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Snorlax Pokemon Unite

Is there anything more terrifying than an unkillable tank in a MOBA? Well, what about an unkillable tank dressed as a pineapple. Pineapple Snorlax doesn’t care who you are, pineapple Snorlax doesn’t care about your feelings, Pineapple Snorlax only cares about one thing – winning. 

Of course, if running around the map as a crazed tropical fruit isn’t your thing, then you could always choose the rubber ring skin. However, we all know what the correct answer is here.

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Gardevoir Pokemon Unite

Gardevoir’s design is already one of elegance, but the developers have taken this a step further by giving the Psychic/Fairy type a flower-themed bonnet. 


Absol Pokemon Unite

Absol is one of the coolest looking Pokemon in the monster-catching series, but this skin may have taken this a step further. After all, who doesn’t like top hats and stylish ribbons?


Garchomp Pokemon Unite

Garchomp certainly has a striking resemblance to that of a shark, so it makes sense that this dragon would want to grab a snorkel. The Dragon Pokemon has also gone for an orange short sleeve shirt that has berry patterns on it. 

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Lucario Pokemon Unite

Lucario has been a fan-favorite ever since its introduction in Diamond and Pearl. While Lucarios default design oozes cool, the developers have managed to take this a step further. Now the Fighting/Steel-type has his own dark cape, pointed hunter’s hat, and handy item pouch. 


Greninja Pokemon Unite

While many fans would have expected to see a Shinobi-style outfit for Pokemon’s resident ninja frog, Unite has kitted Greninja out with what looks to be a green superhero suit. Meanwhile, the second skin appears to show Greninja wearing a summer short sleeve shirt. 

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Fletchling, Fletchinder, Talonflame

Talon Flame Pokemon Unite

Unlike other MOBAs, Pokemon Unite will feature the evolutions of its iconic monsters. This means that each Pokemon’s evolutionary stage will likely have its own unique skins tied to them. 

The Talonflame evolutionary path shows off how these skins will increase in detail with every new evolution. This pilot-themed is particularly befitting of the incredibly fast bird Pokemon. 

Scorbunny, Raboot, Cinderace

Cinderace Pokemon Unite

The next revolutionary skins are for Scorbunny, Raboot, and Cinderace. The pirate-themed clothing goes incredibly well with this fiery rabbit’s design, particularly Cinderace who looks ready to sail the high seas. The black pirate hat and chunky leather boots really tie the whole thing together. 

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Eldegoss Pokemon Unite

Eldegoss’ skin is one of the simplest on the list. In fact, the only difference here is the addition of the pink bows. 

So, there you have it, every leaked Pokemon Unite skin. If you wish to find out more about the upcoming MOBA, then head over to our Pokemon Unite page for all the latest information.

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