Pokemon Unite players want Ranked balance changes to “unfair” matchmaking

. 10 months ago
Timi Studio

Pokemon Unite players want a more balanced approach to Rank matchmaking for Masters tier that many feel is unfair – with players from lower ranks agreeing that competitive changes are needed, overall.

At Masters tier, you can’t outright demote to lower tiers, rather you’re playing for placement among Pokemon Unite’s very best. This can be problematic for people in high ranks that are trying to crack into the top flight.

People near, and even at, Masters are finding players who are blatantly trolling or throwing games since there’s not much consequence in one or two losses.

For many who are trying to get promoted to higher tiers, this behavior is frustrating and people want Timi Studios to make some changes to matchmaking.

Timi Studio
Pokemon Unite players are aiming for the top but finding trolls along their way.

“Masters should only queue with Masters,” Reddit user ‘CatKatOrangeCat’ began. “It’s burdensome to be in Ultra trying to climb when you get no-risk andies who play Ranked like there’s nothing to lose.

“It’s not fair to be stuck with players who don’t give a crap about the game because they don’t run the risk of deranking.”

They suggested allowing Unite to derank players out of Masters, or simply put them in their own queue. While that would present its own challenges including things like increased queue times, more players seemed to agree with the need for a change.

“The whole match system is broken,” another person said. “It’s not fair that I’m climbing in Vet and still get ranked with Experts. It’s like I never f**king left that level. So busted.”

Timi Studio
Pokemon Unite players want some sort of change since trolls are frequently ruining Masters games.

To be fair, Pokemon Unite fans have been wanting increased measures against unfair matchmaking lobbies and trolls who run rampant in the game.

Although it’s still a new MOBA, there’s plenty of changes that Pokemon Unite would need to make to survive the genre’s competitive market.

Timi has time to make wholesale changes to Pokemon Unite as feedback rolls in, but it’s clear that there’s already desperate calls to push some of those updates sooner than later.

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