Pokemon Unite players are waiting to snipe Zapdos and it’s leading to disaster

. 10 months ago
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Pokemon Unite players are starting to get the hang of last hitting Zapdos to steal the game-changing buff, but that’s been leading to questionable calls of fighting or waiting for the snipe.

With only two minutes left in any given game, Unite players are used to keeping an eye in the center of the map where Zapdos spawns. While you might not have vision on the map, you can spot out of the legendary Pokemon’s health is getting lower.

This instantly invites a reaction from the opposing team, seeing as no one wants to give up the late-game buff that can easily win a match.

Well, Reddit user ‘Witiger09’ and their squad were well-aware of the other Pokemon Unite team trying to take down Zapdos.

As a level 13 Garchomp, they liked their chances in the 2v4. Though there were plenty of enemies to look out for, the skirmish power of Garchomp and with the support of Eldegoss nearby, there could have been a good fight in the cards.

But that was not to be, since the support ‘Mon was waiting in the bush nearby, seemingly hoping to go unnoticed for a sneaky snipe on Zapdos.

“This ‘I’m just gonna snipe it’ mentality is getting really old,” Witiger09 began before explaining further. “If I’d have gotten the heal from [Eldegoss ], then Ninetails and I would have cleaned up. Most anybody would jump into a fight as soon as you see a triple kill though.”

pokemon unite zapdos

While it’s a great idea to attempt sniping Zapdos as a last resort, people defaulting to that strat could be giving up 50-50 scenarios that they could win.

Pokemon Unite leaves a ton of chances to snowball a losing game into a close victory if you take out Zapdos, but hanging back to leave teammates stranded might not be the play.

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