Pokemon Unite patch notes: All buffs & nerfs in update

pokemon unite patch dragonite lucarioTiMi Studios

The Pokemon Unite patch notes for update are here with plenty of buffs and nerfs spread across popular picks like Dragonite, Greninja, Lucario, and more.

TiMi Studio has been making huge strides in Unite over the last few updates, adding new ways for players to fight in the MOBA along with fresh content that’s been making Pokemon fans go absolutely wild.

Aside from the latest offerings, there’s a lot to tune with the game’s big cast of characters that TiMi have started to address with the latest balance changes for Pokemon Unite.

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slowbro pokemon uniteTiMi Studios
Slowbro coped some buffs in the latest Pokemon Unite patch notes change list.

Pokemon Unite patch notes buffs

A host of characters got buffed in the Pokemon Unite patch notes with mainstay picks getting a healthy bit of power in the update.

First, a meager buff for Crustle will see its X-Scissor ability have a small cooldown reduction from 9 seconds to 7 seconds. Tsareena and Dragonite were also targeted for minor boosts with an increase to their Attack stats to help out the All-Rounders.

Meanwhile, Slowbro got a huge helping of balance changes in the latest patch with everything from his damage to move speed and Unite charge rate getting buffed.

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blissey pokemon uniteTiMi Studios
TiMi set their sights on Support Pokemon like Blissey in the latest Unite patch.

Pokemon Unite patch notes nerfs

This time around Greninja was the focus of a couple of bug fixes along with 14% decrease in damage for the Pokemon’s Surf attack.

But that’s slim pickings compared to the mess of nerfs for Hoopa that saw its Hyperspace Fury, Psybeam, and Rings Unbound abilities all get wrangled by the latest patch.

It seems as though TiMi had an eye for the game’s Support picks seeing as Blissey also got her Egg Bomb reduced while coping some cooldown reductions to some of its moves.

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There are plenty of Pokemon Unite buffs and nerfs to run through so check out the full list below, courtesy of TiMi.

Pokemon Unite patch notes update



  • Surf: Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon decreased from 1625 to 1402 (-14%)
  • Smokescreen: Fixed bug(s) causing one or more effects not to trigger.


  • Extreme Speed+: The amount of additional damage done to the opponent’s Pokemon has been reduced.
  • Power-Up Punch: Fixed a bug that caused the Power-Up Punch damage to increase immediately after the unite move.


  • Hyperspace Fury: Damage dealt to the opposing Pokemon decreased from 1477 to 1120 (-24%)
  • Psybeam: Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon decreased from 2046 to 1841 (-10%)
  • Rings Unbound: Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon decreased.


  • Egg Bomb:
    • Damage dealt to the opposing Pokemon decreased from 1446 to 1108 (-23%)
    • Cooldown reduced from 7.5s to 5s (-2.5s)
  • Soft-Boiled: Cooldown reduced from 2s to 1.5s (-0.5s)


  • Sacred Sword: Duration of effects on opposing Pokemon decreased.



  • X-Scissor: Cooldown reduced from 9s to 7s (-2s)


  • Stat Changes: Azumarill stats were increase.
  • Aqua Tail: Damage increased.
  • Play Rough: Damage increased from 549 to 717 (+31%)


  • Stat Changes: Evolution level changed to from Level 9 to Level 8.
  • Confusion: Damage increased from 382 to 447 (+17%)
  • Psyshock: Damage increased 3918 to 4411 (+13%)


  • Stat Changes: Increase in the Attack stat.


  • Scald:
    • Damage increased from 2163 to 2263 (+5%)
    • Movement speed decrease strengthened.
    • Attack decrease strengthened.
  • Slowbeam: Unite Move Charge rate increased from 134s to 122s (-12s)


  • Solar Beam: Damage increased from 10290 to 10655 (+4%)


  • Stat Changes: Increase in the Attack stat.

Mr. Mime

  • Showtime!: Effect duration on opposing Pokemon increased.

Tweaks or Bug Fixes


  • Rapid Spin: Effects on the user weakened.
  • Hydro Pump: Cooldown reduced from 8.5s to 7s (-1.5s)
  • Hydro Typhoon: Damage dealt to the opposing Pokemon decreased from 2666 to 2023 (-24%)


  • Blaze Kick: Damage dealt to the opposing Pokemon decreased from 1002 to 875 (-13%)
  • Pyro Ball +: Effects on the user strengthened.
  • Feint: The move’s movement speed increased has been strengthened.


  • Mystical Fire: Fixed bug(s) causing one or more effects not to trigger.

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