Pokemon Unite Lucario holowear price is the last straw for players

. 9 months ago
Pokemon anime Goh next to Lucario Holowear in Pokemon Unite
The Pokemon Company / ILCA

Pokemon Unite players are vowing to quit the MOBA after TiMi Studios released another pricey skin during the Halloween Festival. Fans are furious over the Bandit Style Lucario holowear’s steep cost.

In September, Pokemon Unite players were shocked when the Sacred Style Alolan Ninetales skin was released for an eye-popping amount. Fans hoped that the special release would be rare.

Only a few weeks later during the Halloween Festival on October 20, TiMi Studios announced that the much-anticipated Bandit Style Lucario holowear would also sell for the same amount of $40. And for some Trainers, it’s the last straw.

Pokemon Unite Bandit Style Lucario Holowear Shop Screenshot
TiMi Studios / The Pokemon Company
The new Lucario skin is selling for $40 in Pokemon Unite.

$40 Pokemon Unite Lucario holowear sparks outrage

Pokemon Unite is celebrating Halloween and for two weeks, the MOBA is being transformed into a spooky festival. Although for many, the celebration has already been soured by a new skin added to the game.

To mark the start of the special event, the official Twitter account revealed that the Bandit Style Lucario holowear was now for sale. But players were stunned when they visited the in-game shop and saw that it cost $40.

Fans of the MOBA immediately reacted to the announcement on social media and responded to the post with frustration and disappointment.

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna stop buying new holowear, it’s gonna be the same thing every month where we have to spend $40 and it’s honestly ridiculous,” an angry user wrote. “Sorry, I can buy a whole game with that money, no thank you!”

Another called it a scam, exclaiming, “How about you stop scamming people with these outrageous costs? To grab both of these skins it’s $60. You’re out of your mind to buy that.”

One fan even asked fellow Pokemon Unite players to boycott it. “Please people, do not buy the $40 rip-off skins. When they don’t sell, they’ll stop pulling this garbage,” they said.

Angry Pokemon Unite players tweet about Lucario Holowear

At the time of writing, TiMi Studios has not addressed the outrage over their pricing of premium holowear bundles.

Only time will tell whether the developer will consider dropping the price. Based on the reaction, however, it appears the $40 price tag is too much to swallow for some players.

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