Pokemon Unite Galactic Ghost 094 Battle Pass revealed: New holowear & trainer outfits coming

Lawrence Scotti
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Nintendo has revealed the newest Pokemon Unite Galactic Ghost 094 Battle Pass, which includes holowear skins for fan-favorites Gengar and Lucario, as well as some galactic trainer outfits.

Pokemon Unite has burst onto the scene as the series’ take on the MOBA genre, and now, fans are getting what they’ve asked for in the form of new cosmetics.

The new Battle Pass “Galactic Ghost 904,” named after the mascot Gengar being the 94th Pokemon in the Pokedex, is bringing some space-themed skins to the game for Pokemon and trainers alike.

Pokemon Unite Gengar profileThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Gengar is the star of the show in Pokemon’s new Battle Pass.

Pokemon Unnite Galactic Pass 094: What’s included?

Nintendo have released a trailer detailing all the new goodies in the Battle Pass. New holowear is on the way for Gengar and Lucario. Gengar gets an astronaut suit, which includes cosmetics for both pre-evolution versions in Ghastly and Haunter, which is a very nice touch.

Gengar’s attacks also have new effects for them, adding a cosmic touch to his abilities, scoring, and basing animations. Lucario gets an orange jacket perfect for traversing outer space.

Lucario’s new holowear is obtained after purchasing the Battle Pass at level one, and Gengar’s is the ultimate prize of the Battle Pass, obtained when hitting level 60.


Along with the holowear, trainer outfits coming include a Space set, which turns your trainer into an astronaut. Also included in the pass are some new sweaters and cardigans for the fall season.

Gengar holowear

Obtaining Gengar’s new holowear is going to take a lot of grinding through the Battle Pass.

gengar holo

Lucario holowear

Lucario’s galactic holowear is his first skin introduced in Unite.


Along with a new Battle Pass, Unite is getting new Pokemon in Sylveon and Mamoswine, which are coming to the game in patch 1.2. The new patch brings a major amount of balance changes to the game, including toning down the power of Pokemon like Zerora and Wigglytuff.