Pokemon Unite fan idea shows how strong Politoed would be in battle

James Busby
Politoed Pokemon Unite concpet
Owlydowly / TiMi Studios

Pokemon Unite already features a number of fan-favorite monsters, but this Politoed fan concept would be the perfect addition to the game.

Like most free-to-play MOBAs, Pokemon Unite is home to plenty of playable characters that trainers can master. From the tanky crowd control abilities of Snorlax to the lightning-fast attacks of Absol, there is certainly a lot of choices when it comes to picking your favorite ‘mon. 

Of course, the world of Pokemon is constantly evolving, which means new and old creatures are always being added. While Pokemon Unite has a decent mix of new and older gen creatures, one fan has wowed trainers with their detailed Politoed concept

Politoed Pokemon Unite concept

Poliwag and Poliwwhirl
Poliwag and Poliwhirl also pack a mean punch.

While Blastoise and Blissey have finally entered the arena of Pokemon Unite, Owlydowly has been busy creating a moveset for Politoed. The ranged All-Rounder would start off as Poliwag, where it uses Drizzle to restore its health and increase allied Pokemon movement speed. 

Poliwag’s basic attack also deals more damage upon every third attack and deals AoE damage to nearby foes. A puddle is also left behind at the enemy’s location. 

Poliwag Pokemon Unite
Poliwag may be small, but this ‘mon can overpower even the biggest foe.

Poliwag would then have access to Bubble and Splash. Bubble deals damage to opposing Pokemon and leaves behind a puddle, while Splash enables Poliwag to duck in and out of combat. This is a great mobility mechanic that could be used to aggressively chase opponents or flee battle. 

When Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl/Politoed, the ‘mon would upgrade Bubble into Water Pulse or Echoed Voice. Water Pulse is a ranged attack that sees the Water-type unleash a ranged blast of water that deals damage and knocks back opposing Pokemon. 

Politoed Pokemon Unite
Water Pulse would be a potent ranged attack.

After traveling its maximum distance, Water Pulse explodes and stuns those who get caught within the blast. This move also leaves behind another puddle. Meanwhile, Trainers who choose Echoed Voice can shove nearby enemies away.

Echoed Voice’s damage also becomes boosted upon every third cast, which makes it particularly powerful when dealing with grouped players. 

Politoed Dive Pokemon Unite
Dive enables Politoed to aggressively push or flee fights.

Politoed also has great mobility thanks its Bounce and Dive abilities. Bounce can be used to land on enemy Pokemon or enter puddles, with the latter resetting the move’s cooldown. As the name suggests, Dive enables Politoed to leap underwater and become untargetable. 

After selecting a designated area, Politoed resurfaces and throws any nearby Pokemon into the air, dealing damage to them. Diving also leaves puddles on the map.

Unite Moves
You definitely wouldn’t want to get caught out by this Unite Move.

Lastly, Politoeds Unite Move (Resonant Call) sees the toad Pokemon let out an ear-piercing cry that deals huge amounts of AoE damage. After a short delay, four Poliwags also launch themselves out of the water and attack opposing enemies with small shouts. 

Owlydowly’s Politoed concept certainly has us excited to see what Pokemon TiMi studios have planned for the future. Whether Politoed will be added in the future remains to be seen, but for now, we can marvel at this fantastic concept.