Pokemon Unite celebrates massive player milestone with free cosmetics

. 9 months ago
Pokemon Unite celebrates massive player milestone with free cosmetics
The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Unite is celebrating the massive milestone of hitting 9 million players by giving everyone free Aeos Tickets, which can be used to purchase trainer cosmetics and holdable items.

Pokemon Unite has been a huge success ever since it launched back in July 2021. Our review described it as a new perspective that the series desperately needed, and despite getting mixed reviews elsewhere, it’s been a huge hit.

It isn’t out on mobile yet, which is expected to happen on September 22. It also seems like it won’t be launching on PC. However, that hasn’t stopped it from hitting a huge player milestone on the Nintendo Switch; TiMi Studio Group, the developers behind the game, revealed that more than 9 million players have downloaded the game.

They’re thrilled to have achieved that milestone already and, to express their gratitude, they’re giving players free cosmetics and items to celebrate!

On September 29, players will receive 2,000 Aeos Tickets free of charge. These can be used to buy trainer cosmetics, including clothes and accessories. However, they can also be used to buy holdable items that can be used in battle.

Players have expressed concerns about some of those holdable items, claiming they’re pay-to-win. The backlash even reached a point where the developers encouraged players to give them additional feedback.

Unfortunately, that issue hasn’t been addressed yet. However, in the meantime, players will at least be able to use some of those “pay-to-win” items for free.

Pokemon Unite Rewards Work Set
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Pokemon Unite’s player base is steadily growing.

Pokemon Unite’s mobile launch is happening soon, and when it does, the player base could increase exponentially. It also supports crossplay and cross-progression, meaning players can switch between devices.

The next milestone is the 10 million mark, which almost seems inevitable at this point. After that, who knows how popular the game will become.

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