Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Eternatus teaser outrages fans rooting for Ash

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Epsiode 127 Ash Leon EternatusThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys fans have taken to social media following the episode 127 preview, which shows Eternatus looming over Ash in the battle Arena.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys fans are preparing to witness one of the most iconic battles of the series in the coming months. The Pokemon anime has covered a lot since the debut of Pokemon Journeys, with iconic protagonist Ash Ketchum teaming up with the true “gotta catch’em all” enthusiast Goh to travel through the eight current regions of the franchise.

In the most recent season, Ash has been seen battling the most powerful Champions and trainers in the world through the Pokemon World Coronation Series Tournament. In episode 125, he was able to defeat Sinnoh Champion Cynthia in a nail-biting match that put his Mega Lucario against her Mega Garchomp. Now in the final match, the young trainer must prepare to face Galar Champion Leon.

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However, the preview that aired after this week’s episode has Pokemon anime fans worried for Ash, as a short video clip shows him standing on the battle arena field in front of Leon and the Legendary Pokemon Eternatus.

Pokemon fans express frustration about a possible Legendary battle

While Eternatus, who was introduced during Generation 8, is among the top intimidating Legendary Pokemon of the franchise, many fans of the Pokemon anime were not happy to see it return to the show.

In a post shared by OoCPokemon on Twitter, many have expressed concern regarding the potential outcome of such a match.

Sharing frustration and disbelief, Twitter user JakeBeetle stats “Please tell me this isn’t real.” while vicenteg104 adds “That doesn’t seem very fair lol”.

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Additionally, many fans point out a plot issue that seems to be present in the teaser. In the Sword & Shield anime, it is Goh and Ash who are able to defeat and catch Eternatus. In fact, Leon’s loss to the Legendary behemoth is something of a joke among Pokemon fans, as the unbeatable Champion and Pokemon expert is often teased for tossing a simple Pokeball at the height of the iconic match.

Regardless, there are plenty of reasons fans shouldn’t be worried for Ash in the next episode. The first is that the stands of the preview clip are empty. Additionally, Professor Magnolia and Sonia are seen standing on either side of Champion Leon, indicating this is an encounter separate from the Coronation tournament.

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Goh and Ash will likely aid Leon in finishing the storyline featuring Eternatus, and Ash will learn something new about the Galar Champion leading up to their final match in the coming weeks.