Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: Ash beats Cynthia in heated Mega battle

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Ash Vs Cynthia Championship BattleThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys’ most recent episode covered the heated conclusion of the match between Ash Ketchum and Sinnoh Champion Cynthia. The heart-stopping win escalates Ash to the Finals, where he will battle world Galar Champion Leon.

Pokemon anime fans were treated to a spectacular battle between Ash and Cynthia in the most recent Japanese episode of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys. The battle starts off with Ash staring down Cynthia’s Dynamaxed Togekiss, with Pikachu and Gengar already KO’d in the previous episode.

The Pokemon Journeys anime has been a wild ride for both new and long-time fans of the series. Breaking from previous narrative structures used in prior seasons, Ash Ketchum teams up with Goh to travel through the eight different regions that make up the world. During this time, he learns of the Pokemon World Coronation Series Tournament and begins training to take on the most powerful trainers in the world.

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Ash has already faced numerous skilled trainers in the third season of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, including Hoenn Champion Steven. While some fans don’t want Ash to win the tournament, the most recent episode indicates a path to Victory could be in sight for the well-loved Pokemon anime protagonist.

How does Ash beat Cynthia in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys?

Ash beats Cynthia using his Mega Evolved Lucario against Mega Garchomp.

After taking down Cynthia’s Dynamaxed Togekiss, the Sinnoh Champion calls on her iconic partner Garchomp. Mega Evolving to match Lucario, the skilled trainers put their Pokemon to the test in a series of powerful, lightning-quick attacks.

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Mega Lucario and Mega Garchomp collapse to the ground

Mega Lucario and Mega Garchomp are both excellent Pokemon. They have high defense, powerful attacks, and can learn a range of typed moves that give a breath of strategy options. Because of this, it is no surprise both Pokemon take each other right to the brink of their endurance.

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In the final moments of the match, it seems Mega Lucario may be done for. Brought to its knees, Cynthia gives Garchomp a confident command to finish it off. However, as Garchomp dives in to deliver the knock-out blow, Lucario manages to use Aura Sphere. Both attacks connect, and the Pokemon collapse to the ground, leaving the viewers stunned.

After many harrowing moments, Lucario pulls itself upright, and Garchomp remains prone on the arena floor. The match is called for Ash, who is momentarily dumbstruck at his victory.

Ash moves forward to face Leon in the Finals

The victory has pushed Ash into the final match bracket against world Champion Leon of the Galar region.

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Leon and Ash are matched for the Finals

Pokemon anime and video game fans know Leon as a charming, navigationally challenged, terrifyingly powerful Pokemon trainer. His matches against other Champions like Diantha of Kalos have showcased his mastery on the battlefield and his cunning battle strategies.

While there is no way of knowing who will leave the tournament as world champion, it is certain the final match of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys won’t be one to miss.