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Pokemon trainer’s Twitch pack opening ruined by worst printing error yet

Published: 27/Jul/2021 19:01

by Brent Koepp


A Twitch streamer’s Pokemon card opening ended in disaster when they opened one of the worst packs of all time. The Trading Card Game broadcast was ruined by a freak printing error.

Ever since its release in 1999, the Pokemon TCG has seen its fair share of oddities from misprints to poorly cut cards. In July 2021, one YouTuber even found the luckiest box of all time when every booster pack had a rare holographic inside.

Popular Twitch streamer Ray Narvaez Jr found himself on the other side of luck when he bought what is one of the “worst” Trading Card Game packs ever discovered. The collector was floored when he opened the unlucky item in front of viewers.


Twitch streamer Ray Narvaez Jr opening Pokemon TCG pack
YouTube: Ray Narvaez Jr
The Twitch streamer was floored when his Pokemon TCG pack had the worst cards ever.

Pokemon fan discovers worst booster pack of all time

The Twitch star was opening packs from the Chilling Reign expansion when he noticed that he had pulled two Weedle’s back to back. “Weedle…. Weedle! WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THIS PACK!? I’m in hell!” Narvaez screamed.

Shockingly, the Kanto bug didn’t stop its terror as the TCG collector pulled several more of the same Weedle card from the new pack. “What is this!? What the f**k is this!? Is this resealed? I’m in hell, I’m in purgatory!” he exclaimed.

“There’s no way, there’s no way,” he said, confused and stunned, before revealing the rest of the cards all being the Gen I Bug-type Pokemon. “What is happening? What is this f**king pack!?” the streamer asked while holding the cards up for his viewers.


Fans of the Nintendo series reacted to the situation, with many cracking jokes about the pack being the result of a disgruntled employee from The Pokemon Company.

“Someone in the factory said “f**k this pack in particular,” a Trainer joked. Another exclaimed, “This f**kin guy got five weedles in one pack, like how the f**k.” One fan even pointed out, “It is genuinely possible to pull any more than 6 weedles in a pack since that’s how many commons are in one. You got max weedled my dude.”

Pokemon fans react to worst TCG pack of all time
Pokemon fans were stunned by the awful TCG pack.

A debate broke out in the community as to whether the TCG booster was a printing error or if someone somehow managed to reseal the pack. Collectors argued that it is technically possible to get duplicates as each product includes a set amount of common items at random.


The odds of getting five of the same ‘mon is insanely rare. Ray Narvaez Jr either got a mistake in production or he simply scored one of the most unlucky Pokemon card packs of all time. Either way, it will certainly go down in the Trading Card Game history books.