Pokemon trainer goes viral with Animal Crossing-style spinoff concept

Pokemon Laxton FarmThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon fans have come up with their own Animal Crossing-themed concept that would transform the series into a relaxing simulation RPG. 

The world of Pokemon has always been an incredibly appealing place. Not only does the series feature hundreds of colorful creatures to collect and befriend, but it’s also home to truly beautiful environments. Aside from the world of competitive gym battles and Pokedex research, there are other sides of the series that fans usually don’t get to see. 

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One of these areas is having your very own homestead to unwind in, grow crops, and craft new features. While various Pokemon spinoff titles like My Pokemon Ranch and Pokemon Snap have touched on the more modest aspects of the series, there has yet to be a proper simulation-style RPG. 

Games like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Harvest Moon have proven to be incredibly popular, so could this approach work in the world of Pokemon? A number of dedicated trainers have shared their ideas for a relaxing spinoff title.

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Pokemon and Animal Crossing concept

Animal Crossing PokemonReddit: Work_In_Progress095
Animal Crossing fans have made plenty of Pokemon-themed areas.

The Pokemon series is home to some wonderfully idyllic places. A quick google search of the game’s official artwork will show you just how pretty the environments can be. From sleepy leafy villages, beautiful forests, rolling hills, and relaxing beaches – there’s plenty of locations that make the world of Pokemon the perfect place to unwind and relax. 

“For all the fun times we have building an army of monsters with the power of friendship to wreck whatever comes our way, there’s definitely a more modest side to Pokémon that I think Nintendo could stand to delve into more,” says AlternativeQuality2.

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Pokemon-themed homesteads

new pokemon snap manaphy laprasThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)
New Pokemon Snap proves that non-battling spinoff titles can be incredibly popular.

While the mainline Pokemon series has often touched on the everyday life of the Pokemon universe, it has never ventured further into this concept fully. While base building, cooking, and Pokemon competitions do help to mix up the near-constant battling, many players want the Pokemon Company to take inspiration from Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. 

“Imagine the ability to carve out your own little corner of the Pokémon world for a homestead of sorts? Not just a secret base or ranch like times past, but something more like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing that actually functions and feels lived in,” continues AlternativeQuality2.

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“You could still do battles both with CPU and online players, but in the lulls between you’d be allowed to work together with your Pokémon buddies to grow crops, mine for goodies, and build up your homestead – maybe even into a whole town!

New ways to interact

Pokemon Camping Cooking Sword ShieldThe Pokemon Company
Sword & Shield enabled trainers to bond with their ‘mon via cooking.

It’s certainly an interesting idea and one that would enable trainers to bond with their digital companions outside of traditional battles. After all, the Pokemon series has always been about friendship and the bond between the trainers and monsters, so having the ability to interact with your favorite creatures in another way would be fantastic.

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SkysEevee also outlined how certain Pokemon types could help with the general upkeep of your farm/business. “Grass-type [Pokemon] help plant, water helps water the plants, fire can harvest or speed growth up. A professor may need help, so you go into the caverns to decipher old runes or to make a report on the pokemon that live in the area.” 

One user also noted how the produce that’s grown could be then sold and used to create traditional Pokemon-themed items. “Imagine not having your traditional Pokémon shops and you had to farm stuff for healing items. You get a machine to make potions with berries, hell, even make your own Pokéballs. Eventually, you unlock people as you beat gyms, having familiar faces pop by like the Pokéball Maker from Gen 2.”

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It’s certainly an interesting concept and one we’d personally love to see, but whether Game Freak will create its own Animal Crossing-inspired Pokemon game remains to be seen. 

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