Pokemon trainer exposes friend on TikTok for stealing $10k card with perfect revenge

Pokemon Jigglypuff next to Pokemon Card CollectionThe Pokemon Company / Nigel Brookes

A Pokemon fan went viral on TikTok after getting revenge on their friend who stole their Pokemon card collection years ago. The greedy neighbor took cards worth as much as $10,000 today.

In 1998, no one could have guessed that the Pokemon Trading Card Game would one day have products that sell for as much as a sports car, let alone a house! Today, the pieces of cardboard have become valuable assets. 

One fan went viral on TikTok after they exposed a childhood neighbor for stealing their TCG collection decades ago. The now-adult collector got revenge after losing items worth over $10,000 today. 

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Angry Jigglypuff singing Pokemmon AnimeThe Pokemon Company
An angry Pokemon fan exposed their childhood neighbor for stealing their TCG collection.

Viral Pokemon TikTok exposes TCG thief

TikTok user HummusVaccum revealed their story on the social media platform by singing a cover of My Chemical Romance’s hit song The Black Parade. The song starts out tame enough as the user reflects back on his childhood story. 

“When I was a young boy, my neighbor stole my Pokemon card collection before his family moved away. One of the cards that he took was a Lugia holographic 1st Edition, worth over $10,000 today,” the content creator crooned. 

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The user exclaims “It’s been 20 years and I’m still not over it!” before launching into his revenge by exposing the alleged thief. “F*ck you, Shawn! Yeah, f**k you, Shawn!” he screams in tune to the emo-anthem.

The rest of the viral Pokemon TikTok then describes all the things he wished has happened to the greedy TCG thief, from a Rhyhorn mauling him to being blinded by a Spearow. 

Pokemon fans felt the creators’ loss, such as one user who wrote, “You can feel the pain in this one.” Hummus Vaccum responded, “I can’t even begin to tell you.”

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Pokemon TikTok Pokemon Card Thief

While the incident happened years ago, the TikTok artist explained that he had other rare cards in the stolen set as well such as a 1st Edition Holographic Suicune – ouch.

With the Pokemon Trading Card Game exploding in value in 2021, it adds that much more salt to the wound. The viral video makes us wonder how many other rare TCG collectibles were stolen or lost during fans’ childhoods? 

To add even more insult to injury, the stolen Lugia 1st Edition has actually sold for as high as $144,300. Granted that was Beckett graded 10 version but still, anything is possible.

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