Pokemon trademark Entei fueling speculation about 2021 game

Paul Cot
Pokemon Company

A trademark for Entei has been curiously co-filed by Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak, leading to speculation that it has something to do with the inevitable 2021 Pokemon game.

For those of you who don’t know, Entei is one of the three Legendary Beasts from the Johto region, and it first appeared in Pokemon Gold and Silver in 1999.

Many of you will consider it strange that the name Entei hasn’t been trademarked until now — and rightly so. After all, it is certainly one of the more famous Pokemon in the franchise.

However, not all Pokemon names are trademarked — that would be an undertaking and then some! The fact Entei now has been though, has only made Pokemon fans more curious about what’s upcoming.

Trainers have been speculating for months now about what comes next after Pokemon Sword and Shield. Officially, the answer to that is nothing. We’re still awaiting the second DLC for Gen 8 — The Crown Tundra — and there are even rumors of a third DLC to come after that.

There are numerous things the trademark of Entei could be in relation to. The Pokemon Company wouldn’t have made the effort to do so unless they had big plans for the name.

Entei Trademarked
Pokemon Company
Entei has finally been trademarked…

Let’s Go Entei

Those big plans could be in the form of the much anticipated sequel for Pokemon Let’s Go. It would, of course, make sense for the next game to be set in the Johto region, which leaves the question of what the title will be.

The first used Pikachu and Eevee, which was likely a relatively easy decision — at least for the Pikachu part. Johto isn’t as simple, however.

There were very early rumors of Pichu and Marill, then Lugia and Ho-Oh came to the forefront, which is hardly surprising considering they are probably the most known Pokemon from Gen 2.

Now, though, Entei has become a real option. If this is the case, would it be partnered with Raikou or Suicune, though?

This news will also make trainers wonder whether the expected return to Sinnoh is indeed next. Surely both Pokemon Let’s Go Entei/TBA and a Pokemon Diamond Pearl remake can’t both come in 2021?!