Pokemon TCG’s new Evolving Skies expansion features Sylveon & fans are freaking out

Brent Koepp
The Pokemon Company

For the first time in the Pokemon Trading Card Game history, all eight Eevee evolution forms will be available in a set. The new Sword & Shield expansion, Evolving Skies, heavily features Eeveelutions like Sylveon and fans are loving it.

In May, Pokemon fans immediately fell in love with the limited Eevee Heroes expansion which only released in Japan. Fans around the world wondered when the adorable set would eventually make its way to other regions.

Players won’t have to wait much longer as The Pokemon Company has revealed that the next TCG set, Evolving Skies, will include the gorgeous Eevee cards featured in the Japanese release.

Pokemon TCG Evolving Skies expansion art
The Pokemon Company / PokeGuardian
The new expansion will feature all of Eevee’s forms.

Pokemon fans are losing it over Evolving Skies’ Eevee cards

Evolving Skies will hit stores on August 27, 2021 and is set to feature over 200 cards. While the set largely centers on Dragon-types such as Legendary Rayquaza, The Pokemon Company has revealed that it will also be themed around Eevee and its eight evolutions.

Although each form has had its own cards in various expansions over the years, this is the first release to feature all eight in one place. Adding to the hype is the absolutely gorgeous artwork depicting the popular ‘mon.

While we don’t have full images for the English set yet, most of the cards will come from the Japanese Eevee Heroes expansion which made its debut in May.

Eeveelutions Evolving Skies set
The Pokemon Company / Pokebeach
The August Pokemon TCG expansion will feature Eeveelutions.

Fans of the cute Pokemon were overwhelmed with joy by August expansion, and took so social media to express their excitement. “Coolest looking set ever so far,” one user exclaimed. Another fan wrote, “What a moment to come back to the Pokemon TCG.”

While in love with the expansion, some expressed doubts they could get it due to demand: “Those look amazing, too bad I might not even have a chance to get any.”

Pokemon fans social media post

Those afraid of missing out have legitimate concerns. Since the Pokemon Trading Card Game saw an explosion in value in 2020, the hobby has become overwhelmed with scalpers trying to cash in on the trend.

Eevee Heroes’ release in Japan was hit so hard by those scalping that the Pokemon Center had to even put in place a lottery to sell the products.