Pokemon TCG reveals Eevee-themed card collection with every Eeveelution

pokemon tcg eevee header imageThe Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company announced a brand new Premium collection box for the TCG, focusing on Eevee and its nine different Eeveelutions.

The Pokemon TCG is booming with new promos and expansions lately, with the Lost Origin set as well as the new foil Charizard Ultra Premium Collection.

While Premium Collection boxes are usually targeted at collectors rather than casual TCG players, they can still have their merits in filling out one’s deck with specific cards.

Now, the Pokemon Company has announced yet another Premium Collection set, this time focusing on one of the most popular Pokemon of all: Eevee.

Pokemon TCG reveals Eevee Premium Collection

The official Pokemon website revealed The Eevee Evolutions Premium Collection will launch on November 4, 2022, and will be available at GameStop.

The website confirmed the Premium Collection will include nine Pokemon V cards, which include Eevee and all of its branching evolutions.

Additionally, this collection will come with nine Pokemon TCG booster packs “to really get your collection going strong.”

As this is a premium collection, it is set at a considerably higher price than most booster boxes, at $69.99.

However, there are some details surrounding this Premium Collection that collectors should be aware of before launch.

According to PokeBeach.com, the collection does feature reprint cards. Specifically, the Eevee V promo card is a reprint from the Sword & Shield Promo.

Alongside Eevee V, the Eeveelution V cards are also reprints from the Evolving Skies Booster Box. As such, players who’ve already collected cards from those expansions may want to pass on the Eevee Evolutions Premium Collection.

However, those new to collecting Pokemon cards or those who are just big fans of the Eevee line may find a lot of value out in this Premium collection, especially considering it comes with nine booster packs.