Pokemon TCG Player responds to Baltimore Regionals cheating accusations

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Professional Pokemon TCG Player Isaiah Bradner has responded to the recent accusations that he cheated twice during the Baltimore Regional Championships.

The Play! Pokemon competitive season for 2022-2023 has begun, with the first Regional Championship in Baltimore, Maryland.

During the event, Pro TCG Player Isaiah Bradner was accused of cheating on stream with a second accusation posted on social media shortly after the event concluded.

Bradner has responded to the accusations in a Twitlonger on Twitter, claiming that he wasn’t in a “good headspace” during the event, causing misplays.

Isaiah Bradner responds to cheating accusations

Posted on the evening of September 21, Isaiah Bradner made it clear that the post wasn’t to absolve himself of any mistakes but to explain that they weren’t done maliciously.

Isaiah Bradner TwitlongerTwitter: IsaiahBradner

He explained that he wasn’t in a good headspace, claiming that he wasn’t feeling the best.

“During the event, I was not in a good headspace. I was exhausted, dealing with sinus congestion and migraines, and extremely anxious because of events that happened during my first week of college,” he said.

Isaiah went on to detail that during the on-stream match against his friend Xander Pero, he was asked to play a little faster — causing him to not take the time to think about his plays which caused him to illegally take two item cards from his Irida.

Isaiah Bradner's Twitlonger pt 2Twitter: IsaiahBradner

In the second incident, he admitted to accidentally picking up his Irida after playing the card when it should have gone to his discard pile.

Isaiah ended his message by apologizing for playing “sloppily” and promising that it will never happen again.