Pokemon TCG Online will not support Scarlet & Violet expansions as game support ends

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Pokemon TCG Online will not be updated for the launch of Scarlet & Violet, making Crown Zenith the last expansion for the game.

Fully revealed almost a year ago, Pokemon TCG Live is the company’s first in-house app for the card game and is set to replace the existing Pokemon TCG Online when it comes out of beta.

It’s unknown when that is set to happen, but it may be sooner than later according to the latest blog post on the Pokemon website.

According to the post, updates to Pokemon TCG Online will end on March 1, 2023. Here’s what it entails.

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Pokemon SwSh Crown Zenith TCG ExpansionThe Pokemon Company
Crown Zenith will be the last set integrated into Pokemon TCG Online.

Pokemon TCG Online will not support Scarlet & Violet expansions

Being that support for the game ends on March 1, nearly a month before the launch of the first Scarlet & Violet expansion, the new cards will not be compatible with the game.

This means that the recently released Pokemon TCG: Crown Zenith subset of cards will be the final expansion to be added to TCG Online.

The Pokemon Company also revealed that the 2023 Standard format rotation and any errata to cards will not be applied to the existing game.

However, this doesn’t mean Pokemon TCG Online will be sunset on March 1, 2023, as the company made sure to mention that all Versus Ladder reward tracks will be updated until it eventually shuts down completely.

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All of these changes are taking place so the company can devote all resources they can to Pokemon TCG Live, eventually bringing it out of beta so they can sunset TCG Online for good.

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