Pokemon TCG Live gives players 8 new decks to celebrate Scarlet & Violet release

pokemon tcg live arcanine giratina cards headerThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG Live is giving away eight starter decks for free, featuring strong cards like Giratina VSTAR and Arcanine ex.

As support for the Pokemon TCG Online app ended on March 1, 2023, The Pokemon Company has upped their efforts to fully replace the online game with Pokemon TCG Live.

Pokemon TCG Live seems to take the good things about Pokemon TCG Online and improve upon them with elements like the streamlined battle formats and free Reward Ladder introduction.

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Now, The Pokemon Company is offering a pretty sweet deal for players looking to get into the TCG by giving away eight free starter decks that offer up some fairly strong cards.

Pokemon TCG Live giving away eight free decks

According to Pokemon.com, the offered decks center around the cards: Arcanine ex, Giratina VSTAR, Koraidon ex, Lunatone, Solrock, Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR, Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR, Regieleki VMAX, and Serperior VSTAR.

These decks are premade, so mileage may vary on how well they actually perform right out of the gate, but thankfully there’s always the option to tweak them by redeeming code cards through TCG Live.

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Additionally, trainers can purchase cards in the shop using in-game currency, which doesn’t require any microtransactions to earn more. The app doesn’t even offer the ability for players to pay using real-world currency.

pokemon tcg liveThe Pokemon Company
Pokemon TCG Live’s eight free starter decks are a great way to learn the basics of the card game.

There’s also no time limit on when players can earn these free decks. All trainers have to do is complete the tutorial in Pokemon TCG Live, and once it’s finished, the decks are added to the account.

It’s worth mentioning that the standout deck from the batch is undoubtedly Giratina VSTAR, thanks to helpful cards like Cramorant, Colress’s Experiment, and Mirage Gate, which bring out the full power of Giratina VSTAR. For a full breakdown of the eight free decks, trainers can follow the link here.

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