Pokemon TCG Live beta date announced with new features revealed

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Pokemon TCG limited canada beta
YouTube: The Pokemon Company

The long-awaited Pokemon TCG Live beta launch is almost here and fans are excited to tear into it. Here’s everything we know about the new TCG Client as well as a few new features. 

On September 20, 2021, The Pokemon Company announced the successor to the current TCG Online client: TCG Live. It was set to release before the end of the year with a plethora of new features, many of which excited the community.

Sadly, just two months later, they announced that the in-house developed game had been delayed.

Now, the company has revealed that the limited beta will be available to players on February 22, 2022, and the updated screenshots show that they’ve added a few new unannounced features.

Pokemon TCG Live
The Pokemon Company
The Pokemon TCG Live was originally announced on September 20, 2021.

Pokemon TCG Live limited beta release

The Pokemon TCG Live will be available in Canada during a limited beta on February 22, 2022, according to a press release from The Pokemon Company. Players will be able to participate on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS devices.

The iOS and Android versions will be available in their respective app stores, while the Windows and Mac OS versions will be available on a website that will launch the day of the beta.

TPCi also revealed that players participating in the limited beta will be given the option to delay the transfer of their existing Pokemon TCG Online collection, allowing them to play both games until the worldwide release.

When the game is fully released, TCG Live will automatically transfer players’ collections upon their first login.

Pokemon TCG Live new features

Alongside the Canadian limited beta announcement came fresh in-game screenshots that show off new features that were not a part of the first announcement.

Initially set to launch without expanded format, the newly updated screenshots show an “expanded beta” option when getting ready to queue up for a non-ranked game.

Pokemon TCG Live expanded beta
The Pokemon Company
The updated screenshot of Pokemon TCG Live reveals the much-requested ‘expanded’ format.

While The Pokemon Company did reveal that the in-game ladder will be replaced with a new, premium battle pass — the cost, and length of time the battle pass would be available, were unknown.

However, they’ve officially released a screenshot of the purchase screen, showing 800 crystals for the premium pass, and 2,000 crystals for the premium pass+ which unlocks all rewards immediately after purchase.

The image also shows that the premium pass will last 12 weeks, which implies that there will be a new battle pass accompanying every set release.

Pokemon TCG Live battlepass brilliant stars
The Pokemon Company
While we now know how many crystals it will take to purchase the premium battle pass, it’s unknown exactly how much money it would cost.

At the time of writing, The Pokemon Company has yet to confirm nor deny the existence of expanded play at launch — so we’ll have to wait to see when Canadians get their hands on the game on February 22.

If you’d like to check out more information about Pokemon TCG Live, head over to our article.

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