Pokemon TCG leak from Japan reveals new Gardevoir, Braixen, and Jirachi cards

Pokemon TCG incandescent arcana promo image headerThe Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company unveiled the Trading Card Game’s Incandescent Arcana Japanese set, with cards featuring Gardevoir, Braixen, Jirachi, and more.

As is usually the case, The Pokemon Company revealed the next Pokemon Trading Card Game set arriving later this year ahead of overseas territories.

This next set, called the Incandescent Arcana set, features plenty of fan-favorite cards each with gorgeous art of both trainers and Pokemon.

In particular, fans can look forward to a new Gardevoir and Diantha card, a Braixen and Serena card, and a Radiant Jirachi card among others.

The Pokemon Company unveils Incandescent Arcana TCG set

pokemon tcg braixen and serena cardThe Pokemon Company
The Braixen card from the Incandescent Arcana set featuring Serena from Pokemon X and Y.

In terms of artwork, the stars of the set are the trainer and Pokemon cards mentioned above, with beautifully illustrated on each card.

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Other noteworthy cards include Radiant Jirachi, Delphox, and an Espurr card featuring the tiny psychic cat recreated as a crochet doll.

Additionally, this set features two Alolan Vulpix cards — Alolan Vulpix V and Alolan Vulpix VSTAR, expanding the ever-growing number of VSTAR Pokemon in the TCG.

pokemon tcg alolan vulpix vstar cardThe Pokemon Company
Alolan Vulpix is the next card to get the VSTAR treatment thanks to the Incandescent Arcana set.

The Incandescent Arcana set also features another Zarude card as well as a Reshiram V to go along with Alolan Vulpix V.

In terms of full evolution lines, this new set features the Fenekin line, the Ralts line, the Espurr line, and the Klink line.

pokemon tcg radiant jirachi card artThe Pokemon Company
Jirachi received a Radiant card variation in the Incandescent Arcana set.

Finally, the set features a Trainer card in the form of the ‘Switch’ card as well as the ‘Judge’ and ‘Serena’ Supporter cards.

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The Incandescent Arcana TCG set will arrive in Japan on September 2, 2022, while fans overseas will likely get the set as part of a larger TCG expansion at an unknown date.