Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith Trainer cards will be signed by Sword & Shield characters

Pokemon TCG Cards Signed By CharactersThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG players will have the opportunity to collect Supporter cards sporting the signatures of the iconic character they represent. Early glimpses show popular faces like Leon and Hop will be some of the featured options.

The Pokemon TCG is preparing to bring Gen 8 to a close with the release of Crown Zenith – the final expansion set for the Sword & Shield era. Similar to other special sets like Shining Fates and Celebrations, Crown Zenith will include many products for players to purchase, with the items releasing steadily over the next few months.

Hype for Crown Zenith is growing quickly, as the first items of the expansion are set to hit store shelves on January 20, 2023. While many have been excited about the new V, VMAX, and VSTAR cards as well as any Alternate Art that may be featured, there are a few other treats hidden in the card list.

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Pokemon TCG players will have the chance to collect their favorite Galarian Supporter cards featuring new art of the characters, and their own personal signature jotted down on the card. Similar to the League Cards of the Gen 8 games, these add a unique flair to the already stunning artwork of the expansion.

Pokemon TCG players can slip Leon’s signature into their decks

In a Twitter post by TheRickyZapata, the Pokemon collector shares an image containing three cards in Japanese. The post reads, “Some of the autograph cards from Crown Zenith.”

The images include Supporter cards for Hop, Raihan, Leon, and Nessa – all stamped with a unique autograph by the character.

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While the full official card list for Crown Zenith has yet to be released, speculation from fans predicts there will be several other Pokemon TCG Supporters receiving the autograph. One comment states, “mini tin cycle implies we should get a Sonia auto and another Marnie auto too?”, with the player hopeful to see both characters included in the list.

With so many beautiful cards to pick up, Crown Zenith is sure to be a hit with Pokemon TCG fans and a fantastic send-off for the Sword & Shield era of gameplay.