Pokemon TCG card collectors raging as GameStop cancels Charizard UPC orders overnight

GameStop Cancels Pokemon TCG Ultra Premium Collection In CanadaGameStop, The Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG fans in Cananda have received notification from GameStop regarding the Charizard Ultra Premium Collection, indicating pre-orders are being canceled.

The Pokemon TCG Charizard Ultra Premium Collection is set to launch late in October, and many fans of the series have rushed to pre-order the sets before they become unavailable. UPC boxes are some of the best TCG products for collectors. They sport stunning, metal promo cards, dice, and coins and often come with other unique perks.

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While the 119.99 dollar price tag is staggering for some fans, the unreleased Charizard UPCs are already being scalped online for outrageous prices. Because of this, getting the boxes from reputable retail sources like GameStop is a must.

Unfortunately, several Pokemon TCG enthusiasts in Canada woke up to an upsetting email, notifying customers that the Charizard UPC pre-orders for certain locations had been canceled. Fans took to Twitter, hoping the email was a scam instead of devastating news.

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Pokemon TCG fans confirm Canada GameStop Cancelations

On the r/PokemonTCG Reddit board, user Dantekyu posted a nervous message, hoping to get clarification from others in similar situations. The post reads, “CANADA GameStop had preorders for the Charizard UPC and I was able to get one, but got this email today and not sure if it’s a phishing email, my order on GameStop still says confirmed”.

While the user was hopeful the email was a phishing attempt, many other Pokemon TCG fans quickly chimed in. User Eskedddditttt responds with “I called GameStop, and they said it’s canceled.”

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In a later comment, the original poster added “I just got off the phone with GameStop Canada and they told me that unfortunately it was real and I have to go in-store to get the deposit back cause the money went to the store. They overestimated how many they would be receiving and oversold it and randomly selected people to cancel the orders whether you were first to buy it or last to buy it you could have received this email.

This definitely makes me rethink ordering anything from GameStop in the future…”

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Unfortunately, GameStop has a habit of opening Pokemon TCG pre-orders up long before sets become available. This was recently seen with the Arceus VSTAR Ultra Premium Box that hasn’t been officially announced by The Pokemon Company currently.

The situation is extremely frustrating for those who believed their Charizard UPCs were secured, and it could impact many players’ decisions to pre-order with GameStop in the future.