Pokemon Sword & Shield whistle guide – How to use it, benefits, more

by David Purcell


There's a very useful whistle feature included in Pokemon Sword and Shield, allowing players to attract nearby Pokemon much easier. Here's how to use it and we'll take a look at the benefits of doing so. 

Game Freak decided to revamp the crouching tool for their newest games and if you have met your rival trainer in-game, they will have already explained that crouching can be a great way to interact with the world.

All around the Galar Region there are different ways to encounter Pokemon, possibly more than ever before, with some appearing in the water when fishing, some surprising you in the long grass as usual and much more.


How to use a whistle in Pokemon Sword & Shield – benefits

However, whistling allows you to quickly gauge how many Pokemon are in close proximity and that can be really useful, particularly for those who have been running around not finding anything for a sustained period of time.

In order to start whistling, you have to press down on the left stick. Once this has been done, your character will start to release a small whistling noise and you will know it's worked when question marks start to appear nearby.

Pokemon trainer running around Wild Area
Pokemon, Nintendo
The whistle feature can be really useful to use on the go in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

These question marks (shock horror) are actually Pokemon that haven't revealed themselves just yet, despite you standing there next to them.

As we know, encounters can be triggered in different ways – whether it's an overworld encounter (where you can see the Pokemon straight away), battling one in a Max Raid Battle in the Wild Area or spotting one hidden in the long grass.


Catching timid flying Pokemon

The whistle encourages them to show themselves, but will not automatically start an encounter – making it a perfect bridge between a long grass encounter and overworld.

They also have a pretty long range, too, so don't be surprised if a Pokemon appears from far away and is attracted to your location after the whistle sounds. It can be used to lure in timid flying Pokemon, such as Butterfree (seen below).

Pokemon player luring Pokemon in with whistle
Pokemon, Nintendo
Pokemon Sword and Shield's whistle feature allows you to attract those flying above you too.


Another real benefit to using a Pokemon whistle is to move some characters out of your way. We've all been there when a wild Pokemon is blocking the way and this feature allows the trainer to encourage them to move along, opening up the route you intended to go down.

Knowing what you now know, you can move Pokemon, attract them and encourage them to follow you with just one simple step. Hopefully, you have a few rare encounters – such as a Dreepy or a Riolu. Good luck!