Pokemon Sword & Shield patch makes secret change to Kyogre & Groudon

pokemon sword and shield kyogreGame Freak

Game Freak have rolled out a new update for Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch, which changes elements of gameplay and battles in the popular game. If you’re looking for the patch notes, you’ve come to the right place. 

The game’s developers have been keeping the game fresh for some time now, but it’s not the only Pokemon game fans can enjoy in 2021. As part of the franchise’s 25th anniversary, launches of both New Pokemon Snap, and remakes for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl should keep people busy.

In the short-term, though, Sword/Shield is the flagship game and will routinely be given content refreshes.

New Raid Battle Pokemon are added almost weekly, some with limited time events, but the May 11 patch for the title does make some tweaks to how it plays. Let’s run through how to download the patch, and more importantly, what’s featured in the patch notes.

How to download the update

  1. Connect your Nintendo Switch console to the internet.
  2. Return to the home screen and launch the game.
  3. The download will be installed automatically.

Pokemon Sword & Shield 1.3.2 patch notes – Official changes

pokemon battle in sword and shieldPokemon
Elements of battle in Pokemon Sword and Shield have been mixed up in this update.

According to the Nintendo Support page, the following has been changed in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

  • Fixed the issue where some Pokémon icons were not properly displaying during online or local wireless battles.
  • Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay experience.

The patch notes overall are fairly vague, as we’ve come to expect from the developers, Game Freak.

Secret changes / Further details

groudon pokemonThe Pokemon Company
An annoying bug affecting Groudon has been patched in Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

Pokemon trainers will be snooping around in-game for secret changes for this patch, and there are some to be found at times.

Luckily for players, Serebii.net has provided some more information not mentioned in the notes. They have revealed a pesky Groudon and Kyogre bug has been patched. They posted:

“Some new updates have gone live for Nintendo Switch Pokémon software. First Pokémon Sword & Shield has received a new update bringing the game to Version 1.3.2. This update provides various undisclosed bug fixes including ones with a few battle mechanics such as causing Trick to fail on Groudon and Kyogre.

“It also fixed an issue where Pokémon icons sometimes would not display during multiplayer battles such as it showing Zacian or Xerneas’ different forms ahead of being sent out in battle if they were chosen, or having their base forms if not.”

We’ll keep an eye on what the community is talking about and update this page where needed – should more specifics be uncovered.

Until then, hop into Pokemon Sword and Shield to see the difference.