Pokemon Sword & Shield may have hidden huge Gen 9 hint in plain sight

Pokemon Sword & Shield protagonist next to Galar Mythical ZarudeGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

Did Pokemon Sword and Shield reveal Gen 9’s location? A wild theory has gone viral after a leaker seemed to back up that a Galar Legendary ‘mon hints at the location where the ninth generation will take place.

Although Game Freak is ramping up for the release of Pokemon Legends Arceus in January 2022, fans of the series are just as excited for the inevitable announcement of Gen 9.

According to one YouTuber’s mind-blowing theory, the next location for the franchise could have been hinted at already in 2019’s Sword & Shield.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Mythical ZarudeThe Pokemon Company
Does a Pokemon Sword & Shield Legendary hint at Gen 9’s location?

Did Pokemon Gen 9 get teased with Sword & Shield Mythical?

The explosive theory was first posted by popular Pokemon YouTuber Lockstin & Gnoggin who argued that every generation’s Mythical Pokemon was possibly themed around the next gen title Game Freak was working on.

In the viral upload, the content creator points out that Sun & Moon Mythicals Magearna, Meltan, and Melmetal are all themed around screws and gears, which tie into Sword & Shield’s design based on the UK’s industrial revolution.

Another wild example given is X&Y’s trio Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion who perfectly encapsulate Alola’s wormhole plotline and its volcanic islands. Lockstin & Gnoggin theorizes that Galar’s Zarude could similarly hint at Gen 9. The Mythical’s vine armbands look identical to Indian jewelry and its species is designed around the lion-tailed macaque and gibbon, which can also be found near India.

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While the YouTuber made a pretty compelling argument by going over how every Generation’s Mythical Pokemon seems to be themed around the game after it, the theory really picked up steam after Pokemon insider Eclipse randomly retweeted the video a month later on December 6, 2021.

The leaks account then replied to the upload by posting an image of Mount Kailash which is a Tibet landmark near India, and stated, “As always this represents more than 1 hint so I’ll Retweet this Mountain multiple times in the near future.”

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As far as how Zarude’s jungle-based origins would fit into this, Lockstin & Gnoggin points out that the Sundarbans Reserve forest runs right up against India. If the theory is correct and every Mythical Pokemon is designed around the next Gen title then it certainly seems to add up.

Only time will tell if this all shakes out. Out of all the theories we’ve seen up to this point, it’s certainly the most compelling. It could also just be one massive coincidence. Either way, it will be interesting to see where Game Freak takes the series next following Legends Arceus’ return to Sinnoh.

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