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Pokemon Sword & Shield Max Raid Battle event adds GMAX Machamp, Orgbeetle & more

Published: 4/Feb/2021 10:51

by Alex Garton


Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Max Raid Battles have been changed following the end of the Normal & Dragon type event. In their place, Fighting & Psychic types have made their way to Raids.

For a lot of players, taking on Max Raids in the Wild Area is the main way they level their Pokemon and gather resources. So, any changes to the Pokemon in those events are a huge deal, especially if it means different Gigantamax Pokemon may be spawning.

Well, following the end of the recently finished Normal and Dragon-type event, Game Freak has opted to change the Pokemon players will be able to find in Max Raid Battles.


Pokemon Sword & Shield world
Game Freak
Sword & Shield was released all the way back in November of 2019.

Fighting & Psychic-type Pokemon join Max Raid Battles

As reported by Serebii, the Normal and Dragon-type Max Raid Battle event has ended and new Pokemon have been added to Raids. Players will now encounter Psychic and Fighting types in boosted Raids and with that comes new Gigantamax Pokemon to take on.

Max Raid Battles will now have the chance to contain Gigantamax Machamp and Gigantamax Orgbeetle. This new event will run until February 28, so there’s plenty of time to jump into Raids and take on the Dynamax Pokemon.

Machamp Sword & Shield
Game Freak
Players can find Max Raid Battles in the Wild Area.

Hopefully, that’s caught you up with exactly which types of Pokemon you can expect to see in your Max Raid Battles.


Keep in mind Max Raid Battles are not a walk in the park, so make you’re prepared before you head inside for the challenge. Despite their difficulty, Raids are definitely worth your time if you feel you’re ready to take them on.

Good luck in your battles and remember, the Psychic and Fighting-type event ends on February 28.