Pokemon Sword and Shield: Which Pokemon can you find in every G-Max den

by Paul Cot
Pokemon Company


The new Max Raid Battles feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield allows trainers to encounter Dynamax Pokemon. Beyond that, there are also special G-Max dens which contain rare Gigantamax Pokemon. Here are the dens you can find them in.

There are 99 dens in the vast expanse of land that is the Pokemon Sword and Shield wild area. The majority of these are standard dens where you can encounter Dynamax Pokemon.

Rare Raid Battles

However, some of these, 22 to be precise, are 'G-Max dens', otherwise known as rare dens. These contain Gigantamax Pokemon with special G-Max Moves, although the chances of coming across one are still unlikely.

Pokemon Sword Shield Max Raid Battle Den
Pokemon Company
Max Raid Battle dens are found in Pokemon Sword and Shield's wild area...


So, even when entering one of the G-Max dens the odds are still stacked against you. You will have a 5% chance of encountering a Gigantamax Pokemon - a 1 in 20 chance.

This does change for official Gigantamax events as the odds drastically increase to 50%. Toxtricity is currently featured and will remain so all the way to Saturday, March 7. Unlike other Gigantamax species, Toxtricity, and other featured Pokemon, can be found randomly at any G-Max den.

These rare Raid Battles are highlighted by the type of light coming from the den. They will have a thick purple light coming out of them, while conversely, standard dens will have a thin red light.


Which Gigantamax Pokemon appear at which den?

Here's a map of which Gigantamax Pokemon you can expect to encounter in each rare den:

Pokemon Sword Shield Gigantamax Den Map
Map of the rare G-Max den locations in the Pokemon Sword and Shield wild area...

And if none of the icons are clear enough here they are in text form:

  • Lake of Outrage: Charizard
  • Giant's Cap 1: Drednaw
  • Giant's Cap 2: Corviknight
  • Dusty Bowl 1: Grimmsnarl
  • Dusty Bowl 2 and 3: Sandaconda
  • Stony Wilderness 1: Centiskorch
  • Stony Wilderness 2: Machamp (Sword), Gengar (Shield)
  • Stony Wilderness 3: Ditto
  • Stony Wilderness 4: Copperajah
  • Bridge Field 1: Orbeetle
  • Bridge Field 2: Alcremie
  • Bridge Field 3: Hatterene
  • Giant's Seat 1: Daruludon
  • Giant's Seat 2: Coalossal (Sword), Lapras (Shield)
  • South Lake Miloch 1: Kingler
  • Rolling Fields 1 and 2: Butterfree
  • East Lake Axwell 1: Kingler
  • Dappled Grove 1: Orbeetle
  • Dappled Grove 2: Flapple/Appletun
  • West Lake Axwell: Garbodar

If these Gigantamax species aren't syncing with your Pokemon Sword and Shield game try downloading the latest data by connecting your Nintendo Switch to the internet.