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Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer battles for fans’ hearts as Marnie

Published: 15/Jun/2020 19:19

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon cosplayer went viral when she brought Sword & Shield’s popular character Marnie to life. The artist truly becomes the real-life Spikemuth rival with an insanely detailed costume.

Pokemon was brought into its eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield in 2019. The latest title in the long-running Nintendo franchise introduced new characters, and the Galar region for the very first time.

Since its debut, players have become obsessed with the punk-themed rival Marnie. A talented cosplayer shared her incredible costume of the Dark-type Trainer that is so good, it will leave fans wanting to join her fanclub.

Game Freak / Nintendo
Marnie is one of the main rivals in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Pokemon cosplayer becomes real life Marnie

Players compete in the Galar League in the Gen VIII title, and battle their way to the top to face off against the undefeated Champion Leon. However along the way, rival Marnie challenges you to take your spot. The character is a Dark-type Trainer from the city of Spikemuth.

Cosplayer ‘Sanana_bby‘ shared her faithful depiction of the heroine on Instagram. Photographer ‘Reflektierte Wahrheit‘ captured the artist throwing a Pokeball in the air, as she readies to battle against another opponent.

Sanana faithfully channels Marnie’s punk aesthetic, and which includes her signature choker necklace, and black leather jacket. The gorgeous picture also captures the neon lights of her hometown.

In another shot, the cosplay artist gripped her jacket and mirrored the Trainer’s stance directly from the game. The cosplayer faithfully re-created her black twin ponytail hairstyle, and included her gray sections and red ribbons.

Sanana also gave followers a deeper look into how she made the costume. Her handmade work is incredible and full of depth, as the jacket has Marnie’s large silver buttons, as well as the bows that sit on each side on her attire. Her pink dress even has the triangle pattern cut out on the bottom of its trimming.

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My Marnie Cosplay is finally coming to life ?? Her dress& jacket and her bag are completely done and I even crafted some cute pokeballs to go with this cosplay ? SWIPE➡️ to look at them ❤️ The wig is also pretty much done and so the only thing left are her shoes. I saved them for last cause their shape is quite difficult but I think I found a good way to craft them accurately ? I'm kind of sad that I won't be able to wear this beautiful cosplay to conventions soon because of the coronavirus… But it is how it is and I hope everyone of you stays healthy and safe ❤️ . . #marnie #marniedress #marniepokemon #marniecosplay #pokemon #pokemoncosplay #pokemonswordshieldcosplay #pokemonswordshield #marycosplay #cosplay #crafting #sewing #workinprogress #cosplayprogress #cosplaysewing #pokemonschwertschild #germancosplayer

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Despite only releasing in November, Sword & Shield is already on track to become the third fastest-selling title in the series. Proof that fans still can’t get enough of the lovable 90s franchise.

Players of the Gen VIII title have a lot to be excited for, as game’s first major expansion DLC The Isle of Armor drops on June 17. The addon includes new items, features, and monsters for Trainers to catch.


Pokemon Go’s Level 40 cap will be removed beginning 2021

Published: 18/Nov/2020 23:29

by Paul Cot


Trainers have long been awaiting the lifting of the Level 40 cap in Pokemon Go and now it has finally been confirmed. As soon as 2021 strikes, trainers will be able to get to Level 41 all the way through to Level 50.

Since Pokemon Go released in July 2016, the maximum level players could attain was Level 40. While this is a difficult task, reserved for the most dedicated of trainers, many have reached this impressive milestone.

Some have been stuck on Level 40 for years now. Those trainers, or anyone who can achieve Level 40 before 2020 is over, will be able to go even higher.

It won’t be easy though, as these levels will be reserved for trainers completing the most arduous of tasks. It will no longer be based on XP only.

Level 50 Pokemon Go
Pokemon Company
Level 50 is coming to Pokemon Go soon…

Level up details revealed

Niantic haven’t revealed the full details of the level up requirements beyond Level 40 but they have given us some clues.

The Pokemon Go blog shared the following:

  • Level 41: Submit your catching skills to a test of endurance! You’ll be expected to catch a high number of Pokémon in a single day, along with other tasks, in order to reach level 41.
  • Level 42: From evolving Eevee into each of its available Evolutions, to using certain Evolution items on specific Pokémon, reaching level 42 will test your knowledge of Pokémon Evolutions.
  • Level 43: Show us your mastery of Gym battles and Raid Battles! You’ll also need to have earned a certain number of Platinum medals before you can advance to level 43. You might find yourself with a surprise avatar item at the end, too!
  • Level 44: Battling other Trainers has been a fundamental aspect of the Pokémon RPGs since the beginning, but it’s still relatively new to Pokémon GO. Have you been developing your skills in battle? You’ll have to if you want to reach level 44!
  • Level 45: You’ve battled in Gyms, raids, and the GO Battle League, but to reach level 45 you’ll need to focus your efforts on taking down those pesky Team GO Rocket villains! You might find yourself with a surprise avatar item at the end, too!
  • Level 46: Get ready to explore, intrepid Trainers! To reach level 46, you’ll need to complete a number of Field Research tasks, hatch a certain number of Eggs, and document your daily adventures using GO Snapshot!
  • Level 47: You may think you’ve mastered the art of battling in raids, but the requirements to reach level 47 will really test your mettle! For example, one challenge will require you to win raids with teams that meet certain qualifications—and that’s just the beginning!
  • Level 48: The requirements to reach level 48 are focused on one of the most important things in all of Pokémon GO: your friendship with your Buddy Pokémon! From kilometers walked to the number of Souvenirs you’ve collected, reaching level 48 will require you and your buddy to be laser-focused on developing your friendship with one another. You might find yourself with a surprise avatar item at the end, too!
  • Level 49: If there’s one thing that matches the importance of your friendship with your Buddy Pokémon, it’s your friendships with other Trainers. The people we meet on our Pokémon journeys bring so much to our lives, and cultivating those friendships is key to becoming an amazing Pokémon Trainer. Reach level 49 by sending Gifts, acquiring Lucky Pokémon through trades, and more.
  • Level 50: This is it! The home stretch! To reach the highest available level in Pokémon GO, you must master all aspects of the game. Some examples include making Excellent Throws, catching Legendary Pokémon, and defeating Team GO Rocket Leaders with Pokémon under 1,500 CP, so you can tell this will be the ultimate test of whether you’re ready to stand among the most accomplished Trainers in Pokémon GO. And, of course, you might also find yourself with a surprise avatar item at the end!

To reach Level 50 you’ll truly have to master all aspects of Pokemon Go. That’s battling, collecting Pokemon, completing Field Research tasks and more.

If we thought achieving Level 40 was hard, it looks like getting to Level 50 will be the ultimate challenge. Time to find out who’s a Pokemon master.