Pokemon Sword & Shield ‘Armor Beginnings’ 2-day tournament revealed

Pokemon Armor Beginnings tournament graphicNintendo

Pokemon trainers who have travelled over to the Isle of Armor using the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass will soon be able to take part in a new battle competition, called Armor Beginnings. 

The tournament, which was announced on July 16, will last just two days and will give everybody the chance to call themselves a champion of new territory.

Interestingly, only Pokemon from the new DLC location can be used in battles, which means a lot of the new entrants to the Galar Pokedex will be on show.

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Players don’t actually have that long to be able to sign up and take part, either, so we’re going to show you exactly how to do that.

How to enter Pokemon Armor Beginnings tournament

Pokemon Armor Beginnings tournament artNintendo
Here’s the official art for the Pokemon Armor Beginnings tournament.

The Armor Beginnings tournament was confirmed by serebii.net, a website that regularly posts Pokemon content, and trainers don’t need to wait around in order to register.

Each player will be given 50 Battle Points (BP) for entering, and registration closes on July 23 at 23:59 GMT (19:59 ET / 16:59 PT).

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Pokemon Armor Beginnings start and end time

The Armor Beginnings battles will commence on July 24, a day after registration closes.

Starting on a Friday, this should give competitive players enough to do during that weekend, with the tourney closing up on Sunday at 23:59 GMT (19:59 ET / 16:59 PT).

loop lagoon pokemonPokemon / Nintendo
Loop Lagoon is one of the places Larvesta spawns in the Isle of Armor.

The format will be single battles, as you might have expected. If you think you can take on the world and fancy your chances of becoming a champion in Pokemon Sword and Shield, then signing up is the first point of call.

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From there, put together a strong team of Pokemon and make sure you have good options for all types of opponents, because you’re likely to come up against the very best across these two days.