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Pokemon • Jun 03, 2019

Pokémon streamer rages after rare shiny encounter goes horribly wrong

Pokémon streamer rages after rare shiny encounter goes horribly wrong
Nintendo / Game Freak / The Pokémon Company / Pixabay

Pokémon streamer Zachtheogre encountered a shiny monster during his June 3 charity Twitch livestream, but a mishap meant that he had to let it go - much to his dismay.


Shiny Pokémon are super rare versions of monsters that are a different color than normal, making them extra desirable to fans.

They’re notoriously difficult to find though, with many players never coming across one once across all the games in the series, so you should consider yourself lucky if you’ve ever seen one.

Nintendo / Game Freak / The Pokémon Company
Shiny Pokémon are extremely rare.


Shortly after starting his Nuzlocke livestream of Pokémon Ultra Violet, a hacked version of Fire Red for the Game Boy Advance, Zach ventured off into the wild for the first time after getting his starter partner from Professor Oak.

A Nuzlocke playthrough has different rules to a normal playthrough, and typically means that players can only catch the first monster they encounter on a route, and if it is killed or runs away, that’s it until they get to the next area.

“I don’t think I have Pokéballs, but until we get Pokéballs, the no capture thing doesn’t count,” the streamer explains, blissfully unaware as to what was about to happen.

He then walks into a patch of tall grass, and immediately gets his first encounter - which unfortunately for him, happens to be a shiny Rattata.

Twitch: Zachtheogre
Zachtheogre was in total shock after encountering the shiny.


“What?!” he shouts as he notices, getting up from his chair in absolute disbelief, “What?! What?! What is this shit?!”

Encountering a shiny is one thing, but not having the equipment to capture it is something else entirely - ouch.

Zachtheogre does a charity stream every month, with this month’s donations going towards SISCA, a no-kill animal shelter in Ohio.

Pokémon Sword and Shield - Everything we know

Pokémon Sword and Shield was revealed for the Nintendo Switch for the very first time back in February, and it sent the internet into mayhem.

Many believe the new Galar region is based off of Great Britain, as the geographical shape and the buildings in the region look very similar.

Various leaks have emerged since, and it looks like there will be many new region-exclusive monsters included in the games, as well as Spirit Armor, and the possibility of all previous regions being included.

Nintendo has announced a Sword and Shield Direct for June 5th at 6AM PST (9AM ET and 2PM BST) so we can expect some solid confirmation on the rumors then.

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