Pokemon streamer gets perfect timing after complaining about shinies in Legends Arceus

Jacob Hale
The Pokemon Company

A Twitch streamer was forced to eat his words after making a complaint about the lack of shiny Pokemon he found in Legends Arceus — and immediately running into one.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the latest installment in the Pokemon franchise, a step away from the traditional mainline Pokemon games with a more open-world approach.

While fans were initially cautious, the game launched to rave reviews, with Dexerto even giving it a 9/10, calling it “the most exciting the Nintendo RPG has been in years.”

While the details surrounding shiny Pokemon have changed, they’re still very rare and hard to come across — as this streamer was all too aware of.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Shiny Lucario screenshot.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Finding Shiny Pokemon is always exciting for players, considering how rare they are.

Most Pokemon players could spend hours roaming around in long grass on their shiny Hunts, trying to find one that has eluded their collection for so long, and that’s not too different in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

While complaining isn’t often going to change much about these randomly-spawned Pokemon, Twitch streamer RTGame actually found one after doing exactly that.

“I’ve not found any shinies but I’ve got a giant snail,” RTGame said before, within seconds, a shiny Geodude spawned right in front of his eyes.

“Oh, never mind, I found one!” he exclaimed after what seemed like a moment of uncertainty. Between laughs, RTGame simply said “oh my god” and “you can’t make this up!”

He went on to catch the shiny without much trouble, delighted to finally say that “we got a shiny.”

So next time you’re hunting for a shiny Pokemon, it could be worth trying to tempt fate and complain about the lack of shinies — it might just do the trick.