Pokemon store selling rare cards gets robbed days after opening

Pokemon card robberyThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon card crimes are becoming more prevalent in today’s society, as the prices for rare cards increase while other currencies, such as crypto, drop. And on the morning of September 12, 2022, a Pokemon store was robbed only a few days after its initial opening.

The demand for Pokemon cards continues to increase, as their value in the market price continues to rise.

As the demand has increased, so too has the number of crimes involving Pokemon cards. These trading cards are being used in drug syndicates for money laundering, forged to falsify and thereby increase card value.

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Robbers are now straight up stealing them from stores as one unfortunate card shop experience in Grand Chute, Wisconsin learned just a few days after opening its doors.

The Poke Theft

Known as The Poke Shop, this store is known for selling Pokemon goods with a primary focus on rare Pokemon cards. Robbers broke into the store on September 12, stealing thousands of dollars worth of cards.

Pokemon Card robberyWe Are Green Bay
The thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of trading cards

Titus Moua, the owner of The Poke Shop, told We Are Green Bay of the crime that occurred:

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“They gave me a call saying our place got broken into and right when I heard about that I got up right away and got to the shop and it was true. The door was broken into and that’s kind of how I found out about it.”

Apparently, thousands of dollars worth of cards were stolen, including a 1999 base set unlimited booster box, which, according to Moua, is valued at about fifteen thousand dollars.

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Though he closed the door to clean up after the robbery, Moua hopes to reopen his shop soon.

“I just hope that we can get up and going here soon again to serve the local community in Appleton,” he said to We Are Green Bay.

As of September 14, the robberies have not been caught.

In light of these events, it may take more than just card sleeves to protect precious Pokemon cards.

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