Can you transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Stadium on Nintendo Switch?

Blastoise ready to battle in Pokemon StadiumThe Pokemon Company

While Pokemon Stadium is coming to the Nintendo Switch’s N64 library on April 12, many fans of the classic game questioned whether trainers could still transfer their party members.

Released in 2000, Pokemon Stadium includes the first 151 Pokemon from the Game Boy games Red, Blue & Yellow. The N64 title featured a Gym Leader Castle, Elite Four, and versus battles. It also allowed players to face each other in various mini-games.

On April 4, Nintendo confirmed that Switch Online Expansion Pass subscribers would gain access to Pokemon Stadium on April 12. Despite the hype, fans of the original 3D turn-based title are concerned about the port’s compatibility.

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Nintendo Switch’s Pokemon Stadium will lack one key feature

Pokemon Stadium N64Nintendo
The iconic Nintendo 64 game will join the Switch’s library alongside other classics

Twitter user Zodyrus had one burning question about whether the Switch’s version of Pokemon Stadium allowed transfers. Previously, players could use the N64 Transfer Pak to bring in party members from the Generation I Game Boy games.

Nintendo first announced Pokemon Stadium would head to the Switch in a September 2022 Direct. In the trailer’s fine print, the video game company revealed players could not transfer Pokemon from other games into the Switch port.

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Speaking of the disappointment, Zodyrus claimed users couldn’t “get the full enjoyment out of this game without using the GB alongside it.”

Twitter user TheShepDawg1 claimed that Pokemon Stadium restricting to just rental party members was “nigh masochistic.” However, they looked forward to what the mini-games had to offer.

At the time of writing, Pokemon Stadium has joined another N64 classic from the franchise – Pokemon Snap. Additionally, Nintendo also hinted at the future release of Pokemon Stadium 2. As for the Switch’s current N64 library, nostalgic games like Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64 make up the lineup.

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Recently, Nintendo also granted subscribers access to select Game Boy titles. With the shutdown of the 3DS and Wii U eShops, Pokemon fans should stay updated regarding any information on whether Red & Blue would head to Switch.

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