Pokemon Squishmallows: Where to buy Pikachu & Gengar

Pokemon Squishmallow Pikachu GengarThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon fans are on the hunt for the adorable Squishmallow crossover plushes featuring Pikachu and Gengar. Unfortunately, they can be a bit hard to find. Here are some places to look for them!

Pokemon fans have plenty to pick between when choosing memorabilia and collectibles. From the adorable Build-A-Bear collection featuring favorite starters and Eeveelutions to the massive number of trading card collector sets, there are plenty of ways to show off Pokemon pride.

However, a recent collaboration between Pokemon and the highly collectible Squishmallow line has fans desperate for the adorable pillows. As revealed in 2022, Pikachu and Gengar have been featured in several different sizes – and their Squishmallow makeovers are absolutely adorable.

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Unfortunately, the two popular companions have been hard to get ahold of, with both options selling out on The Pokemon Center online store. However, there are a few other places to keep an eye on. Here is everything fans need to know to hunt down their Pikachu or Gengar.

The Pokemon Company
Pikachu and Gengar have been made into Squishmallows

Where to buy the Pokemon Squishmallow Gengar plush

Gengar has remained a popular Ghost-type since its debut in the Kanto region. Its plush is no exception, with most major retail stores sold out. Below are all the places to keep an eye out for the Gengar Pokemon Squishmallow plush.

  • Target – 20″ $44.99 USD
  • Gamestop** OUT OF STOCK** 10″ $19.99 USD/ 12″ $29.99 USD
  • Amazon – 14″ $142.99 USD

Where to buy the Pokemon Squishmallow Pikachu plush

For those who would prefer a fat Pikachu plush, the little electric mouse can be found at similar stores. Unfortunately, it seems to be just as hard to get hands-on. Below are the stores to check for the Pikachu Pokemon Squishmallow.

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  • Target – 20″ $44.99 USD
  • Gamestop** OUT OF STOCK** 10″ $19.99 USD/ 12″ $29.99 USD
  • Amazon – 14″ $55.99

There are so many Pokemon toys to choose from in 2023, but that is as good a start as any. For more Pokemon news, make sure to check out our Pokemon hub.

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