Pokemon Shiny hunter reveals insane Shiny haul, but there’s a twist

Zackerie Fairfax

Avid Shiny Pokemon hunter Oliver_MKP has had some of the worst luck since Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, but he’s managed to encounter 10 rare ‘mon in a little over four months.

Encountering a Shiny Pokemon can be one of the most exciting moments for gamers. When a Pokemon appears on screen with a different color scheme followed by the iconic sparkle visual and audio cues, it triggers this primal excitement that’s hard to find in other games.

This rush of emotion is in part due to the rarity of the monsters. In some titles, Shinies can have odds as high as 1/8192. Other methods of hunting can make odds as low as 1 out of every 3. Regardless, even Shiny Pokemon found on a first encounter are incredibly thrilling.

However, there are some Shiny Pokemon that are as stirring as they are disappointing.

These are called Uncatchable Shinies, and as their name suggests, they are Pokemon that can be encountered with the same dazzling shine – but you can’t take them with you.

shiny starly in BDSP oliver_MKPOliver_MKP (YouTube)
Oliver_MKP reacting to his first uncatchable shiny Starly in Pokemon BDSP

Pokemon hunter finds 10 uncatchable Shinies

For Oliver_MKP, these uncatchable specimens would plague him for several months while he hunted on stream. He started his hunt for all of the Shiny starters in BDSP on November 19, 2021. Just 238 resets in, and the first uncatchable Shiny Starly appeared.

Of course, his reaction was a mixture of excitement and disappointment. “No! No! Oh My God! Yes! Yes! No!” Oliver exclaimed as the brown bird slid onto the screen. Note: in his ~15 years of Shiny hunting, this was his first uncatchable encounter.

While hunting, Oliver would go on to catch two of his target starters while also encountering six more uncatchable Shiny Starly. He also took a break from the BDSP starters to actually hunt for Uncatchable Shiny Pokemon.

Yes, you read that right, some trainers actually hunt for Shiny Pokemon they know they can’t catch. For Oliver, he intentionally found three more being Pidgey in Heart Gold, Salamence in XD Gale of Darkness, and Wally’s Ralts in Ruby.

It’s hard to say whether these encounters make Oliver extremely lucky or unlucky.

And it’s possible that he hasn’t seen the last of Uncatchble Shiny Starly since he is still hunting for Piplup.

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