Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers are sick of seeing Shiny Pokemon in Tera Raids

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Despite Shiny Pokemon being some of the most sought-after creatures in the franchise, Scarlet & Violet players are sick of seeing them as teammates in Tera Raids.

Tera Raid battles make for the bulk of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s end-game content. They are the only way to earn rare items like Herba Mystica, Ability Patches, and XP Candy. And the higher the raid’s star level, the better rewards you’ll receive.

While Tera Raid battles are similar to Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Max Raid Dens, they differ greatly in skill. In Max Raid Dens, team comp didn’t matter as much as players had Pokemon with powerful moves. But in Tera Raid battles, teams of four must work together and pay attention to their team’s composition to secure a victory.

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With five, six, and even seven-star Tera Raid battles testing players’ skill, online play with random trainers can be frustrating. If a trainer brings a bad type matchup, an under-leveled Pokemon or the game throws one of its many bugs at players; online co-op can be an enraging experience.

pokemon tera raid charizard

Shiny Pokemon enrage Tera Raid battlers

But of all the things that can go wrong during a Tera Raid battle, one thing infuriates players the most: bringing a Shiny Pokemon just to show it off.

Yes, Shiny Pokemon are impressive in their own right because it can take hours, days, or even weeks to obtain a single one. And with some Pokemon being seven-star raid exclusives, it’s even more impressive when you obtain a shiny Cinderace or Charizard. But high-level Tera Raids are not the place to show them off.

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A similar issue arose in Pokemon Sword & Shield, where players would bring their under-leveled Shinies to Raid Dens, but those were much easier for a single trainer to deal with, so it didn’t matter as much. But with every death taking a huge chunk out of the Tera Raid timer, these low-level Shinies are detrimental to success.

That’s not to say all Shinies are bad. As seen in response to a Reddit post from user DudeHell, many trainer hunt and train for specific Shiny Pokemon that they can use in Tera Raids as a viable teammate. But far too often do trainers run into Shiny first-stage evolutions attempting to take on a six-star Tera Raid Corviknight.

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Yet, that’s not to say low-level Pokemon are always a detriment to raids. As we’ve previously covered, one trainer devised a way to use a level 1 Shinx as a “budget support Pokemon” for Cinderace raids. But players would sleep better at night if other trainers would learn to keep their Shinies in their boxes and pick better raid-worthy partners.