Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trainer loses Clodsire over a cliff in a hilarious glitch

Pokemon Scarlet Violet ClodsireThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have encountered a number of glitches and bugs while exploring the Paldea region, and one fan has lost their trusted partner over a steep cliff while trying to battle.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans have had plenty of memorable experiences while traveling through the Paldea region. Some have battled powerful Pokemon, others have unraveled the mysteries behind the main plot, and a few have witnessed some unique bugs and glitches.

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While the new Gen 9 games offer players a completely different take on the popular franchise, adding open-world exploration and multiple storylines to enjoy, the big changes seem to have some growing pains that weren’t resolved before release.

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Fans have seen character models glitch out, Pokemon behaving oddly, and framerates dropping in areas with large numbers of objects trying to render. Some have even found icons from the map stuck to the overworld after closing out. Each of these issues, while problematic, can create some particularly hilarious moments.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Player’s Clodsire takes an unexpected trip

In a recent Twitter post shared by Pokemon fan Scoot_SSB, the player finds themselves in a shocking situation as a battle sequence leads to an unexpected trip for their Clodsire.

In the clip, the player initiated a battle with a random trainer named Mario the Office Worker. However, instead of facing the opponent, the player’s avatar was oriented in the opposite direction.

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As they threw out their Pokeball containing Clodsire, the Pokemon found itself momentarily hovering in midair before dropping off the side of the cliff and down into the ravine.

Fans in the replies found the situation hilarious, as many shared their own situations. One player commented, “These types of bugs/glitches don’t make the game bad IMO, this is just hilarious lmao” while another added, “MY POKEMON HAVE DONE THIS SO MANY TIMES”.

While it is likely these glitches and bugs will receive patches in the coming weeks, the videos will be kept as humorous reminders of Scarlet & Violet’s early bumps as players transitioned into Gen 9 gameplay.

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