Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer finds most explosive Shiny hunt in the game

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A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer showed off a surprisingly effective and explosive way to Shiny hunt one of the game’s Pokemon.

While many Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans hope for DLC, others have taken to common pastimes like Shiny hunting to spend time in Paldea as the wait for more content continues.

Thanks to Generation 9’s overworld encounter system, Shiny hunting has changed a great deal compared to past games—especially now that many Pokemon have unique behaviors in the overworld.

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Recently, one trainer took advantage of one of these unique behaviors traits of Voltorb in order to make Shiny hunting the spherical Pokemon much easier.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer’s Shiny Voltorb hunt is explosive

A short clip posted on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit showed one trainer’s Shiny Voltorb hunting method was to simply run near them to trigger their exploding animation.

The trainer, riding on their Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet, brushes by a border of Voltorb so that they catch their attention but do not trigger a battle. This causes the Voltorb to begin flashing until they finally explode.

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While admittedly a bit macabre, when Voltorb explode in Generation 9 they don’t appear on the overworld afterward. This allows more new Voltorb to spawn on the field, which means the likely hood of a Shiny appearing among the next batch is much faster than other wild Pokemon encounters.

As it turns out, other Pokemon also disappear from the overworld quickly during certain instances. In fact, another trainer commented that they hunt for Sandyghast when it rains, as the Sand Heap Pokemon melts in the rain similar to how Voltorb explode.

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One fan broke down the reason this method is effective aside from its speed and said, “Since it doesn’t count towards the outbreak count it’s a viable strategy. Seems like picnic resetting would be quicker, but if it makes it more enjoyable for someone doing it this way, might as well.”

So players looking for a Shiny Voltorb should definitely give this trick a try to expedite this process. As long as they don’t mind seeing tons of Ball Pokemon explode, that is.

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