Where to find Sinistea & Polteageist in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Sinistea is one of the returning Pokemon featured in Scarlet & Violet. This Ghost-type ‘mon originally debuted in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and now trainers can find it in Gen 9’s Paldea region. Here’s everything you need to know to find and evolve Sinistea in the new games.

Sinistea is an interesting Ghost-type Pokemon that was introduced in Gen 8’s Galar region. Its plasma-like body resides in a cracked tea cup, with its purple arm poking through a hole to act as the handle. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players will also be able to add Sinistea to their Paldean Pokedex, as it has returned for Gen 9.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet allow players to openly travel the lands of Paldea. The trees that speckle the landscape and grasses that blow in the breeze are host to hundreds of Pokemon species. However, because the roaming species can crowd certain areas, it can be tough to spot a Pokemon as small as Sinistea.

Below is everything players need to know to find and Catch Sinistea, and evolve it into the teapot Pokemon Polteageist.

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Where to catch Sinistea in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will find Sinistea in one location: South Province (Area Six) near Alfornada.

sinistea locations Pokemon Scarlet & VioletThe Pokemon Company
Sinistea is found in one location

How to evolve Sinistea into Polteageist

Pokemon trainers looking to evolve Sinistea will need to know what form they have.

sinistea Pokemon Scarlet & VioletThe Pokemon Company
Sinistea floats in the air

The Phony Form does not have a stamp of authenticity on the bottom while the Antique Form does.

The Phony Form of Sinistea evolves after leveling up while holding the Cracked Pot item.

The Antique Form evolves after leveling up while holding the Chipped Pot item.

Finding an Antique Form Sinistea can take a good deal of work, as they are very rare. Additionally, an Antique form cannot be bred from a Phony, requiring players to catch their first Antique Form in the wild.

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