Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokeball debate rages on as trainers catch Greninja in Quick Balls

quick ball pokmeon scarlet violet

The recent debate over which Pokeball is the worst for catching rare Pokemon continues, as Scarlet & Violet players are using Quick Balls to catch Greninja in 7-star Tera Raids.

For those unaware, there’s a hot-button issue being debated in the Pokemon community as of late. The topic of discussion? Pokeballs.

Recently, Pokemon fans have been arguing over which Pokeballs are suitable for catching Shiny Pokemon. And the opinion that has ruffled the most feathers is that the yellow & electric blue Quick Ball is the worst of the worst.

This debate initially involved rare Shiny Pokemon but has now reached new heights. Players are solidifying their stance in favor of Quick Balls by using them on the one-time catch Greninja in 7-star Tera Raids.

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Quick Ball lovers catch Greninja in “worst Pokeball”

In order to spread “Quick Ball Supremacy” – as one commenter put it – players have started to share screenshots of their Greninja caught in Quick Balls. Players can only catch one Greninja per copy of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, making this a serious commitment.

Twitter users AceTrainerLiam, REVERSAL, and more stood together in Quick Ball solidarity, taking on a wave of adverse comments. Their Quick Ball usage was “basic,” “audacious,” and “absolutely vile.”

But there were plenty of comments in support of their ball choice. While others used Moon Balls, Beast Balls, or an assortment of Apriballs, plenty of trainers called saluted Quick Ball users for their commitment to a highly disliked capture device.

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Quick Ball supporters called the posts “Iconic” and “based” and felt the ball matched Greninja’s color scheme. And stemming from the origins of the debate, there were those who expressed their neutrality as the Pokemon in question wasn’t Shiny.

However, some could argue that Greninja is rarer than a Shiny since trainers can theoretically capture infinite Shinies, while they can only capture one 7-star Tera Raid boss.

Regardless, it doesn’t seem like this debate will end anytime soon, as there’s always another 7-star raid event around the corner.