Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players desperate for new outfits in Hidden Treasures DLC

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players hope the Hidden Treasures DLC expansion provides more clothing options than the typical four uniforms.

In the past few Pokemon games, players could purchase items like dresses, hats, and bags to customize their characters. Arguably, Sword & Shield had one of the better ranges of available clothing – with X & Y coming in a close second.

Throughout Scarlet & Violet, trainers were generally disappointed with the game’s customization options. For those who may not know, the Generation 9 titles only allowed players to wear four school uniforms based on the different seasons.

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Some fans felt the customization options were too limiting, especially when it came to Scarlet’s “awful orange” uniforms.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are unhappy with boring uniforms

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Reddit user TheMadTemplar complained about Scarlet’s orange uniforms on the Pokemon subreddit. The OP revealed he would have paid more for a copy of Violet had they known about the inability to customize outfits.

In the comment section, trainers slammed Scarlet & Violet for the available accessories and hoped that the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero would add more clothing options.

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“The clothing choices as a whole are terrible,” Erebus172 wrote. “I’m hoping the DLC fixes that. PLA had some great options.”

“Customization went so, so many steps backwards in SV. The only uniform (out of the 4 options available) I could stand looking at was the default,” Green_Tea_Totaler remarked.

“I think the uniform idea makes sense, but not adding a whole bunch of different options is really dumb,” smiteis_ said. “The only thing we can customize, clothes wise, is gloves, headwear, shoes, and socks. They should’ve treated it like the uniforms in SwSh. You wear them when it’s relevant to the story, but in free play you have casual clothes.”

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On National Pokemon Day, The Pokemon Company International announced two DLC waves launching in the fall and winter for Scarlet & Violet. If fans pre-order the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC, they gain access to four new uniform sets.

Check out our article to follow the specific steps on how to redeem the new clothing options.