Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players torn after fan fixes “soulless” Grafaiai design

grafaiai redesign

Grafaiai is the latest Pokemon to be revealed for the upcoming Gen 9 titles Scarlet & Violet, and one fan has caused quite the stir after attempting to “fix” the monkey’s design.

Every Pokemon is someone’s favorite, as it is someone’s least favorite. And with every new Pokemon reveal, fans pick sides in favor or against its design.

And that’s been the case for Grafaiai, the newly revealed Normal/Poison-type Pokemon that’s taken the community by storm. After having been teased in a series of images, a nature documentary-style video kicked off its official reveal.

And as always, Pokemon fans began to gush over or loathe the new monster. While the majority of trainers found Grafaiai to be a great Pokemon, others harped on its long drippy fingers, alienesque eyes, and hair of a Shonen Jump protagonist.

Scarlet & Violet Fan “fixes” Grafaiai’s design

Following the first look at Grafaiai, Reddit user BarelyThere15 took it upon themselves to “fix” the Pokemon’s design. They stated, “now it has a soul” and included a photo of the toxic monkey with pupils and irises instead of bug-like eyes.

Some Pokemon fans praised their design stating the addition of traditional pupils made Grafaiai feel more organic. Other expressed how this simple change made them appreciate Grafaiai more than the original design.

However, the toxic monkey’s fans were not pleased. Various users called the fan edit “cursed” and stated the new eyes “ruined” the Pokemon.

There were also a number of Pokemon fans on the fence who claim they like the new design, but that it took away from the “goggle” or “alien” aesthetic Game Freak was going for.

While fan edits are fun, Pokemon fans are stuck with the wide-eyed Grafaiai – for better or for worse. And players can add this artistic lemur to their team when Pokemon Scarlet & Violet releases on November 18.